Monday, January 29, 2007

Royal Rumble Results 2007

Here are the quick results from last nights major PPV. I couldn't get it because I was working. I wanted to see it badly, because I wanted to see the results from the Royal Rumble Match up.

I remember when Tough Enough 1 concluded, they allowed Maven (the winner) to dropkick the Undertaker out of the rumble, and it was crazy. The Undertaker was surprised, and took out his frustration all over Maven, all over the building!

So it was no surprise to see him win the rumble and get the nod to Wrestlemania. I hope he wins..and I hope he takes on Cena.

The Hardys def. MNM
ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley def. Test (Countout)
World Heavyweight Champion Batista def. Mr. Kennedy
WWE Champion John Cena def. Umaga (Last Man Standing Match)
Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble Match

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