Saturday, November 17, 2007

Biggest Jobber Ever

The biggest jobber in the world is now Mark Henry. I don't like Marky Henry, and feel that he's the worst character in the WWE and is a waste of money for the WWE payroll, but I don't know if I dislike him as much when he's jobbing away to guys like Batista and others. Apparently, the WWE is in need of jobbers to fill their main events.


Because we don't want to have Batista injured before the big Hell in a Cell match.

Remember the last Hell in the Cell match?

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton was horrible. It was slow, and the door opened and no one even tried to escape, which was really bad.

No major spills, no heavy landings, no one fell through the cage, just an oversized cage match.

Then think about the last time we saw Batista in a stipulation match: The Punjambi Prison match wasn't that great either, and the highlight in the commentary was Batista jumping from one side to the next!

Where's Foley?

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