Friday, November 16, 2007

No More WWE 24/7

I've been a long time subscriber to WWE 24/7 and more so in recent years because of the WWE buying a lot of old libraries and showing new matches that you wouldn't find any other time in your own personal dvd's unless you have a huge collection of VHS like I used to have.

Either way, I won't be reviewing content from WWE 24/7 sadly. I know, some of you will miss it, but it's not easy to pay the bills with my job currently and the service is a luxury to have and my wife and I needed to cut some bills in order to make ends meet.

Sadly, Vinnie Mac and his stable of wrestlers wasn't on the cards for me.

Sorry chums.

Expect more here from me and the world of wrestling, as I continue the quest of reviewing, talking about, and making fun of my favorite

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