Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kane Jobs Again

The big red machine is hilarious. First he comes to the wwe by ripping the doors off the hell in the cell, then he goes through title shots, and a horrible angle with HHH involving a dead cheerleader.

However, now he's on ECW getting destroyed by the monsters on ECW...

Remember that these monsters is Mark Henry (SLOW HENRY) and Mark Henry #2 Big Daddy V.

Kane is lame now. He used to be a force to be reckon with, but instead he's just a crappy wrestler that is getting worked over by Smackdown rejects.

Remember Men on A Mission? Yeah...Big Daddy V is ok in small doses, but Mark Henry has been on the losing end at Smackdown for a long time.

Don't believe that Kane is one a downward spiral? Look below....sadly.

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  1. Just a random thought. could the WWE be setting Kane up for a big return like thing where they pull him back for a while, then let him loose on the Roster?

  2. i hope that's the case, but i doubt it is going to happen that way.



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