Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carlito Is 90% Gone

Carlito is on his way out. Seriously, he's going to be out of here sooner than a lot of people think. Sources all over the net, including within WWE are stating that Carlito's release is coming sooner than later.

Remember when he first came to the WWE?

In his first match he beat Cena for the United States Title! Then when Cena came back, he hid behind his crony for a while, and now where is he?

Remember when he was in the Elimination Chamber? Remember when he was getting a main event push?

I remember some great Carlito matches, but man, him ans Masters really are on their way out. Well, Masters is gone, Carlito leaving is going to leave yet another hole in the roster for the WWE, and I'm saddened to see yet another Latino superstar fail to reach the higher shelves of professional wrestling.

I guess Latino Wrestlers just have a harder time then their whit counterparts.

Speaking of white people....

Ric Flair was also rumored to be getting the boot, but as of last night, Y2J saved his old *cough* and he is back to being the dirtiest player in the game with a win over Randy Orton.

Does this mean that Flair deserves a Title Shot?

I think so.

Raw was ok last night, but I was expecting more out of Chris Jericho, he just isn't the same.

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