Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Old Guys Reign

Last night on Raw I was wondering one thing...who are the new guys coming out of the gates? Who is going to take over when HHH and Shawn Michaels are no longer the key draw on the shows?

Are we getting a Hulk Hogan effect?


These two guys are on the beginning and the end of the show, and they are burying the younger talent (Orton).

What is WWE doing to push younger talent? Not a whole lot. This is sad.

I'm not sure what's going happen, but if the WWE doesn't create new relevant characters faster than fast, we are going to be missing a lot of guys. Especially since HHH and HBK have both had major injuries and are probably in their 40's. Cena is injured and is in his 30's and out of all the crew, Orton is probably the youngest and most talented, even Thought I can't stand the guy.

Does age even matter?

DDP started really late, and he had some amazing matches!

Maybe I'm just pushing the wrong agenda, but that's all I could think about during Raw.

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