Thursday, November 1, 2007

No More Cruiserweight Division?

There are reports circling around online, and from itself that the WWE Cruiserweight title is no more. This is a sad thing if it is true, and is going to definitely make a lot of fans upset, as well as crush the hopes and dreams of all smaller wrestlers that hope for one day making it to the ranks of the WWE.

WWE has never really pushed their cruiserweights too much after 1997...

Think about the last Cruiserweight champion?

Hornswaggle took it, then moved to he's not defending it or using why mention it?

That's what the WWE is doing right now.

One of the greatest things in WCW was their cruiserweight division, that would promote the smaller guys and make sure the crowds were thrilled. Sometimes there wasn't even a story line associated with the action, it just was on the card and thrilled the audience more than the Hogan matches at the end of the ppv.

It's sad that the WWE doesn't push smaller wrestlers in their own element.

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