Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Raw Annoys Me Again 5/5/2008

Raw was doing well, somewhat well, and then the stupid storyline with Regal turning off the lights came through yet again.

What the heck?

Why is this guy on such a power trip? Especially since the fans were getting to see some fresh action.

There has to be some other way to get more heat for Regal, than to ruin what little programming we have on Monday nights in regards to professional wrestling.

Whatever the case is, there seemed to be a huge cluster of ideas getting tossed around on Monday Nights Raw.

The Women’s division is looking like it has a little spark getting thrown in there, but not enough to rival the TNA knockouts at this moment.

The tag champions look like crap, losing to two wrestlers that are NOT normally put together. This complicates matters for many fans that want a more serious WWE tag team division.

The WWE really must not want to have a tag division, because they always bury the champions in non title matches, then they hot shot the titles to random pairings, or they will have champions (like Holly & Rhodes) and NEVER use them for a title defense.

It’s nice to see DH smith on the show…but fed to JBL? Way to put over new talent guys.

chavo guerrero wwe raw

The WHOLE ECW roster against HHH and Kennedy? What purpose does this serve at all? I guess it keeps the ECW guys wrestling instead of waiting for their Sci-Fi channel 1 hour show with 1 match....and no real action.

Could the WWE really be ending the ECW show? Moving all ECW active roster wrestlers to wrestle on Raw and/or Smackdown? It looks like they are testing them out on Raw to see who is going to stay and who is going to go. Or I could be completely wrong.

Roddy Piper on Carlitos Cabana

Carlito's Cabana was definitely awesome.

Here are the quick results from the 5/5/08 edition of Monday Night Raw:

But a quick note....The Chair Shot Heard Round the World! Will this set up a Heel turn for either C.M Punk or HHH? Will we get to see C.M. Punk vs. HHH in the near future? I hope so!

Cm Punk vs HHH Chair Shot Heard Round The World

Adamle crashing the Raw announce team is also stupid, and comments made by JR on wwe.com have Adamle looking really crappy and pompous for no reason.

Women's Champion Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix (Lumberjack Match)
Paul & Katie Lea Burchill def. John Cutler (Handicap Match)
Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels def. WWE TagTeam Champions John Morrison & The Miz (Non-title)
CM Punk vs. Randy Orton (No Contest)
JBL def. DH Smith
ECW roster def. WWE Champion Triple H & Mr. Kennedy (Handicap Match)

Interesting links:

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The HHH three disc set is out now too, with interviews and commentary by the game himself! Click here for more info on that release.

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