Sunday, April 27, 2008

Backlash 2008 Results

WWE Backlash 2008

WWE ran Backlash into the ground. I call the show Backwash, because the show is nothing more than just a rehash of Wrestlemania.

The big news coming out of this years Backlash is that Triple H has captured the World Championship Title once again. That's right, He somehow outlasted the other three idiots in the main event to recapture the gold and go into Raw the world champ, yet again.

Triple H the championship, is not something that I like.

Other news has MATT HARDY as the WWE United States champion, edging out MVP!

THe divas had a match that no one cared about.

EDGE lost yet again to the deadman, Undertaker is continuing his reign as champion.

KANE once again trounced Chavo, and it's all over.

Overall the PPV had a few moments of zen, but it wasn't worth the 40 bucks you had to drop to watch it. Meanwhile things are heating up in the subtext of the WWE, but nothing worth mentioning tonight.

Everyone enjoy Raw tomorrow night, as tonight, Backlash had TRIPLE H winning the gold...but will it last?

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