Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ECW Lacks Extreme Factors

Even without Joey Styles, ECW could've moved forward with a taste of the extreme, but instead it just proves to be more of the WWE's C show rather than providing an alternative to jaded wrestling fans.

The name ECW shouldn't even be used in conjunction with the show that the WWE is producing for SCI-FI channel's late night slot.

Seriously, there is nothing extreme about ECW and there was nothing extreme that happened on last nights horrible show...with the exception of the moment of EXTREME featuring two divas...

WWE Divas Dropkick ECW

If that is the most extreme thing that happened on ECW, you can rest assured that it's no longer worthwhile to stay up late to see ECW. You can view the whole show on WWE.COM where at least one guy is extreme: JOEY STYLES!

The new announcer sucks too, Tazz has no help in the booth, and the WWE is promptly going to pull the rug under the show, sooner than later.

What we were treated to over on ECW's show was the continuation of the ECW feud with Chavo Guerrero, featuring Edge. Not exactly the brightest moment for either superstar, and completely boring if you ask me.

Maybe there is hope down the is not found with the stale ECW product, that's for sure.

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