Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Worst Raw Ever

Ric Flair has been retiring for a very long time.

So why is everyone, including Ric Flair so dang emotional about this time?

Remember in 1994 when Hogan wrestled Flair in a steel cage at Halloween Havoc? Flair was supposed to retire...he didn't.

Remember on Nitro, when Flair was going to leave?

He didn't.

So what is it with Flair retiring again?

I don't really care.

From what I hear, he's got a long term contract with WWE, so see him wrestle in limited form ala Mick Foley.

WWE sure likes to bury their talent after they come off a win.

Last night C.M. Punk took a great lead in the talent pool by winning a very lackluster money in the bank match. It was sad to see it go down so horribly...slow.

Then he comes to Raw only to lose to the Intercontinental Champion? Talk about losing credibility. Punk just got shot back down...even if he does have the briefcase.

photo src - wwe.com

Another way to ruin talent is to bury them in their first full match back.

Matt Hardy comes in fresh to lose to Randy Orton? What does this help?

It buries Matt Hardy, and crushes the pop he got at Wrestlemania.

Thanks wwe, you've ruined the whole post-wrestlemania night.

The rest of Raw was lame too. Khali and Big show? Santino? Cryme Time back?

This is exactly how to ruin momentum.

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