Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Raw Report 4.28.2008

Quick Raw Results for April 28th 2008

Women's Champion Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Cherry, Maria & Ashley def. Beth Phoenix, Layla, Victoria, Natalya, Melina & Jillian
JBL def. Robbie
Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Paul & Katie Lea Burchill def. Super Crazy (Handicap Match)
World Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes def. Santino Marella
WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton (No Contest)

WWE RAW came through with a post Backlash event that really didn't do a whole lot to push the lower guys, and really got stale towards the middle.

First and foremost, why is there no love for Super Crazy? Why is Super Crazy still working for WWE? He should be in Mexico feuding with the top names in Lucha Libre, because getting buried every other week on Raw is just a waste of talent. Not only that Paul Burchill is back, and no he's not a pirate any more, and totally squashes Super Crazy.

The rest of raw really bored me. I didn't like Cade and Murdoch facing the same opponents for another televised event. I understand if they are wrestling Kendrick and London (they need a team name) on non-televised events and house shows, but televised events should not showcase such repetition.

Cody Rhodes wrestled Santino...again? It's getting ridiculous. I hate when WWE sets up tag division matches in this way. This build up makes me tired.

The Divas match was ok, they are improving, although not as good as the TNA girls yet.

JBL is on the show?

Hbk and Y2j are on the show too?

Boredom movements, that's for sure.

The main event looked promising....

Kennedy and Regal? Really? Is this really what they are leading up to? I sure hope not.

The main event was blacked out, Regal pulled the plug and we get the following for Judgment Day! Which means Orton and HHH will have a lighter television schedule leading up to what should be a brutal match at Judgment Day.

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