Tuesday, May 1, 2007

WWE Raw Review 5/01/07 Cena Gets Trashed By Khali & More of The Same

Raw rolled into town and expected to thrill the audience, and while there was some high spots, there was the same old slack.

Edge def. Randy Orton
Surprise, Surprise, Randy Orton loses to Edge after trashing a hotel room overseas and nearly getting fired. Why is this happening? Better yet, it’s about time! Orton, for all his lack of charisma, and the fans swerving to hate him, I still say he’s a second rate wrestler and a second rate human being if what is said about him is true!
That being said, this match was better than I thought, but anyone who thought Edge was not going to win this one is blind.

Jeff Hardy def. Johnny Nitro
Johnny Nitro is still on Raw? He’s wrestling Jeff Hardy? Again? This is a ridiculous example of running out of ideas and throwing in whomever is available to wrestle. This is a poor decision and a second rate match up. This is a bad move and an ok match. It is a go to match in one sense because the two know each other so well in and out of the ring, but it is a cheap thrill to entertain the audience for no reason, when they pay to go see this, and myself having to stay up late. Knowing I have to get up at 4 am the next day.
This match was the standard Nitro Hardy match.

Umaga def. Rob Van Dam
Umaga wrestles RVD in a glorified squash match. News all over the internet is reporting that RVD will not be signing to WWE after his contract expires this summer. Honestly, why should he? The WWE turned ECW in a horrible product, feeds it to the fans as if it were the original and then brings in a new faction of guys that never worked older ECW and then makes the originals look like crap at every expense, then throws them a bone for a ppv every now and again. ECW will crumble without RVD and from the rumors flying, they will dismantle ECW, and Umaga is horrible. He’s weak.

Ric Flair & Carlito vs. World's Greatest Tag Team (no contest)
Again, with the same match, come on WWE give me something I have not seen on 6 plus episodes of WWE RAW! This is so stupid.
The Flair & Carlito team is now up. GOOD! Carlito is being held down by Flair who is too old to perform at his peak, and is now just being led to the slaughter when he wrestles. The new guys tear him apart, and while he can still hack away at anyone’s chest, he is too old to do some faster development, and Carlito is not getting a fair shake.

Mickie James & Candice Michele def. Victoria & Women's Champion Melina
This was somewhat entertaining because Mickie James & Victoria can wrestle. Candice and Melina are horrible. They should not be wrestling. At least Mickie James is showing improvement and Victoria is a great wrestler.

Then the big time happened! Khali got tired of standing in the back and came out and leveled the champ.

Edge wants back into the title scene?

I say he takes on Khali to see who's going to win. Cena can not beat Khali, unless he runs him over with a Ford Mustang.

Kennedy also announced that he will face the champion at next years Wrestlemania, making Wrestlemania tickets a hot seller already.


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