Friday, October 5, 2012

Impact Wrestling 10/4/12 Results and Review Lunatic Wrestling Program

Impact Wrestling 10/4/12 Results

Mr. Anderson defeated Gunner
Tara and Gail Kim defeated ODB and Miss Tessmacher
Samoa Joe defeated Rob Van Dam (Tv Title Match)
Chavo Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle
Zema Ion defeated Douglas Williams
Bully Ray defeated Austin Aeries and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match

Impact Wrestling Thoughts and Ideas

img src Impact Wrestling

I was able to finally sit down and watch Impact wrestling after several months of nothing. I have to admit there are some changes that were made by the TNA brand to make the show a little more in your “face” but it still looked like an “independent” compared to WWE.

Instead of comparing what isn’t working, I’m going to compare what does work and review this stuff as is.

The Best Match

The best match of the night was definitely the women’s match. That’s not saying much but it is true. The women have a lot more offense here than most of the men on TNA, and it was more interesting to me to see how it turned out than any other match on the card.

The Worst Match

The worst was definitely watching a very boring Rob Van Dam fight Samoa Joe. The two don’t mesh that well, and watching Joe defeating RVD in such an easy manner is just lame.

Overall Idiocy

Impact is such a hard show to watch for me. There is a “gang” angle that is kind of like the New World Order that wants to compete with TNA and what not. It’s a boring thing, and I can’t really tell who the characters are.

Sting and Anderson will face two members of Aces and Eights and it’s going to be terrible, I just know it. Sting looks fat. Anderson looks fat. Sigh…as a stand alone show it’s going to be a hard thing to watch each week.

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