Saturday, October 13, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/12 Results and Review Weird Build Ups

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/12 Results

Austin Aries defeated James Storm
Hernandez defeated AJ Styles
Kazarian and Christopher Daniels defeated Sting and Bully Ray via DQ
Miss Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim
Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode via DQ

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/12 Review and What Not

Thursday night TNA showcased another episode of their wrestling show, and I finally got around to watching it. It should have been an incredible moment as the company builds up for their premier ppv. There were some things that worked, and some things that were just terrible.

The Best Matches

Austin Aries fought James Storm and I for one was impressed, completely. I can’t believe that he pulled the brain buster on Storm. Of course he won thanks to interference but wow, Aries can go and he is like a mini-CM Punk but I don’t care, he is awesome in ring. The match was a great opener and I’m glad to see some quality wrestling on the show.

Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy put on a good main event, even though it seemed a bit forced at times. I liked how fast paced the match got towards the end, even when Roode went for the low blow and got the hell out of town. Aries came down and played the pipe bomb role and that was ok at best.

The Bad News

The women’s match, Hernandez, Style, the tag match, and so much more sucked bad. I was impressed by Bully Ray, he's at his best right now, I hope he's not swerving everyone.

I especially didn’t like the vignettes, with the exception of one.

The best Moment on IMPACT

RVD getting a shot at the X-Division title shot this weekend against In that segment wow, RVD is about to throw a punch, but Ion flinches and then gets hit with a standing roundhouse kick to the belt and face! I was impressed with Van Dam, wow….if you saw it you liked it.

Tna Wrestling has a long way to go before I become a huge fan, but I almost thought about driving to Arizona to see this, but alas, I can’t, I have to work. If you get TNA ppv tomorrow and want to review let me know, I’ll post up your review etc.

If not, I’ll have a Smackdown review up tomorrow. Later skaters.

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