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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/8/12 Results and Review Punk Punches Fans

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/8/12 Results

Tornado Handicap Match: Ryback defeated Primo and
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated The Prime Time Players
Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett by DQ
Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd
Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler
Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Team CoBro
Eve defeated Kaitlyn
CM Punk vs. Vince McMahon

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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/8/12 Review and Analysis

Monday Night Raw once again swept through another venue and was not a great one, but there were some moments that definitely had me excited. The 3 hours of this show was a lot of filler, but between the filler there were some moments worth noting, and that’s what I will focus on here.

The Best Matches

Vince McMahon can still go. He’s 67 years old and I was not hoping to see him fighting here, but wow, he put up a major fight and beat the hell out of Cm Punk. Punk hit McMahon hard style at some points and Punk got hit hard with Kendo sticks and more. McMahon can really go, and despite his age, he put on an entertaining show. Punk ran away like a little Bitch and punched a fan. He will now have to fight either Ryback or John Cena.

The tag team championship tournament continued and the team that I pegged to win big didn’t work out well. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara seem to be poised to get the titles as Mysterio is in his twilight years as a wrestler. Rhodes Scholars will definitely prove to be tough competition and their match was a bit better than the Prime Time players match, but I liked the whole thing.

The Worst Points

John Cena’s speech during the beginning, the women’s match, Larry King and the Miz verbally sparring, and the rest of the show wasn’t really all that great. Even the Ryback handicap match didn’t do much for me. There were some good points in the show, but I had to fast forward a few things that were just boring, and you know you did as well.

Overall Show

I wasn’t as excited for this week’s show, and I think that many people agree. There were some highlights, but let’s face it, it’s lacking in wrestling, and lots of it. Oh well.

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