Monday, October 8, 2012

WWF Mega Matches (1991) Official Coliseum Video VHS For Sale

Today we present another rare VHS tape for sale, it’s the original WWF Mega Matches (1991) Coliseum Video release and you can purchase it for $15 Here.

WWF Mega Matches (Coliseum Video Official Release)

10/10/90 Tito Santana vs. Earthquake
01/08/91 Big Bossman vs. Bobby Heenan (ball and chain match)
12/11/90 Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jim Duggan
11/24/90 Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian
1990 The Bushwhackers vs. Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine
08/08/90 Hulk Hogan vs. Dino Bravo
1990 Segment with Hillbilly Jim and his grannie
10/19/90 Davey Boy Smith vs. Haku
10/28/89 Randy Savage vs. Jim Duggan
01/21/91 Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior (steel cage match)

Why You Should Own It

When it comes to Coliseum Videos, they are usually hit or miss for the most part, however, this one has some classic match ups that you’re not going to see in a lot of other videos. The reason this is a great buy simply relies on the fact that these matches were before WWF/WWE had monthly pay per views. These were filmed from around their house shows, tv tapings and much more and brought to you as a rental. Now you can own it in good condition for a low price.

The Best Matches

The best matches on this one vary from your particular tastes.

I loved the Macho Man vs Warrior Steel Cage encounter, Hogan vs Dino Bravo, Heenan and Bossman in a ball and chain match up, and of course the Bushwackers always made me laugh.

The rest of the tape is cool too for classic WWF fans.

Where you can get it

You can buy WWF Mega Matches (1991) via ebay, or you can end up getting it by clicking here and paying only $15. This one is a rare vhs tape and you can transfer it to dvd if you want.

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