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Raw Results and Review 10/1/12 JR Tribute Night

The first major review for this website is coming to you live from LAX, as I have moved away from Koreatown and am now sitting pretty in my own office, with the sun coming up and the airplanes passing by. I’m your host, writer, and local idiot, Sir Jorge and I am the best in the world at what I do.

Last night Raw blew through Oklahoma, and it was Jim Ross Tribute Night, which meant a lot of things, and in the grand tradition of the WWE, things happened the way they always do, with JR getting pushed around like a chump….

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WWE Raw Quick Results 10/1/12

#1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated Primo & Epico
Antonio Cesaro defeated Brodus Clay
The Miz defeated Zack Ryder
Ryback defeated Tensai
Eve defeated Beth Phoenix
Santino Marella defeated Heath Slater by DQ
Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow
Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston
Special Referee- AJ Lee: Team Hell No defeated CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler

WWE Raw 10/1/12 Thoughts Ideas and Other Crap

The overall show was not half bad, there were some dull moments, like the Big Show and Sheamus in a debate with Booker T as the moderator. That was obviously just filler for the WWE trying to get 3 hours worth of television in a 2 hour package.

The backstage segments were lame, and I’d much rather imagine Aj Lee naked and in my bed than having to watch her act and deal with whatever it was backstage that she was dealing with. Who knows, who cares, I don’t.

The commentary team is awesome with Jim Ross in there, and I like Michael Cole not doing that heel gimmick.


The best match for me was hard to pick. As much as I love the One Man Rock Band, the show was really stolen in the main event with Team Hell No doing their schtick and Dolph Ziggler leaving Cm Punk to the wolves and walking out on him. Punk is great in that role, losing, but only because Ziggler walked out on him.

Damien Sandow is a great throwback, he put up a great fight against the Great White Sheamus. I can’t ever call his finisher the Brogue kick, sorry. It’s always going to be the “BRO” kick to me, and that’s that. So if you see me mention that it’s the BRO Kick, then you know what I’m talking about. Sandow and Sheamus had a great match, and I bought into the whole thing, even though I knew the outcome was going to be all Sheamus.

Moment of the Night

The moment came when Jim Ross got ridiculed and thrown out of the ring by a verbal assaulting CM Punk. Punk really let JR have it, in true tribute to the guy. As Ross was leaving up the ramp, the crowd went insane, with no piped in sounds, as RYBAK came out to his “FEED ME MORE” song. He stared down CM Punk and the crowd went completely nuts. This was the same type of reaction that Goldberg used to get. I kid you not, the roof exploded as the two stared each other down, and Cm Punk walked away.

This is the BEST heat and praise I’ve seen in a LONG TIME!

Worst Moments of the Night

Rybak should have shined against Tensai but he couldn’t pick him up. I don’t recall Goldberg having too much trouble doing his moves against bigger guys. Remember when he picked up the Giant?! Oh yeah.

Aj Lee everywhere. She sucks.

Final Thoughts on Raw

Raw was good, was it war? Na. The matches ranged from entertaining to down right stupid. The women’s division sucks. The tag division is gaining major steam, but the rest of the card was forgettable, with the exception of some shining moments.

I’m still big on The Funkasoarus, and if Big Show wins another WWE TITLE I’m going to riot.

Oh and no John Cena, good riddance.

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