Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit (R.I.P)

I maybe the last Chris Benoit fan after today.

Vince McMahon issued a statement that he will not mention his name again, and that the WWE is sorry for last night's tribute.

I will continue to talk about the good times.


Because this society praises celebrities to no end, and in this same internet we can buy Serial Killer t-shirts, guns, and pornography, and if someone is going to tell me that they are no longer a Benoit fan, then I guess wrestling is not that important to them, and they shouldn't even watch.

Benoit was a good wrestler. I will not throw away my dvd's, or figures, I will remember him for who he was to ME personally. A great wrestler.

His personal life is something that I am not responsible for, nor am I to condone it. He entertained me for many years, and that's what I'll remember most. I can not burn my memories, I can not forget my childhood, he's a part of it.

I'm sorry for those that are hurt by the tragedy, but I am not a fairweather fan.

If rottencotton.com can sell serial killer shirts, then I can still like Chris Benoit.

Serial Killers killed, raped, murdered, and without remorse took their own lives in the past, and now they are immortalized with toys, t-shirts, and even movies.

So to tell me that Chris Benoit is worse than them is to tell me a stupid thing.

Chris Benoit is gone, his family is gone, and well...his memory lives forever in dvd's, posters, toys, t-shirts, and all sorts of other things that overshadow the tragic end.

Because when we all are honest with ourselves...He was NOT our friend, HE was a wrestler who got paid to entertain us, and if he is remembered solely as that, then the tragic stings a little less.

I'm sorry...I lost one of my favorite wrestlers, but I did not lose a loved one or a family member, so don't blame me for being callous...blame me for being real.


  1. The guy you saw on tv was a character, who may or may not have had much to do with the real Chris Benoit.

    I don't think most people will be able to separate the character from the real man after such a horrible thing happened.

  2. I know what you mean.

    I thought about it though, and there are a lot of people that have committed very bad things, and yet they are not forgotten.

    People need to just separate the two.

    They are different.

  3. I agree with you Sir Jorge--regardless of how his life ended, Chris Benoit was one of the greats and deserves to be remembered that way.

    I really hope that more of the story behind what happened comes to light--I just feel that there's more to this than the gossip and the hype is bringing out.

  4. I agree with you. They say he is so bad but these "judges" will have to answer for all of the things they do too.
    What about that lady that created a myspace account to torture that poor child that eventually killed herself?
    They say they didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. So is harassment and torture ok as long as no one finds out? According to the majority of those in American society, the answer is yes.



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