Monday, June 18, 2007

Michael Hayes Hates Chris Benoit

In recent reports linking the recent changes in the roster to ECW and Chris Benoit, there is one odd note that I keep reading. That Michael Hayes is the head writer on Smackdown and doesn't see that Benoit is a top talent!


You're telling me that MVP is a higher talent then Chris Benoit?

Did everyone at WWE have a memory lapse? Didn't The Rock vs. Chris Benoit headline a sold out ppv? Do they forget that Benoit is a legacy of the Hart family dungeon?

I can't believe that Michael Hayes, the former free bird has such a high job to where he can ruin Benoit's new tenure.

Hopefully he tears up ECW into a watchable product, otherwise I'm going to be turning off the tv and watch TNA? That's harsh.

I just can't believe some of these allegations.

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  1. jeez... he said he hated him now hes dead... i bet you feel shitty

  2. I don't.

    But I'm sure Michael Haye's does.



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