Monday, June 25, 2007

John Cena is Superman

John Cena is now officially Superman. That's right, the idiot has beaten the top dogs in the night of champions. This is so dumb.

We are not in the 80's and we do not need another Hulk Hogan type champion with 5 moves and a ton of charisma.

It needs to be stated that the ways of the WWE are going downhill. This is just bad.

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1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the most realistic comment on the site so far! Down with Cena! Im so sick of his phony winnings and 1-move killers. For christ sake the FU is just a FIREMANS CARRY!!!! Kahli dominates the ENTIRE MATCH and one FU Kahli is down for the count????!!!!
    I was a fan of WWE but im doing a lot more hating than loving. I just cant take any WWE matches half seriously without a decent champion. Cena sucks



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