Friday, June 22, 2007

Boogeyman Almost Fired

Boogeyman was said to be on the "endangered species" list as recently as two weeks ago. His character was being written off of SmackDown, and that us why he was squashed by Mark Henry on a recent edition of SmackDown.

The Boogeyman was almost fired? 2 weeks more of the Boogeyman and he would have been fired. That's a shame!

That's right, sources are claiming that Boogeyman was nearly fired.

I know that Boogeyman has a limited arsenal, but so do a lot of other WWE superstars in history, and even today there are a few wrestlers that still have the prowess of knowing all the wrestling moves in the world!

When I saw Boogeyman at No way Out 2007, there was such an uproar and heat given to Finlay. There was also a lot of kids wearing Boogeyman masks, so I'm certain that there are fans out there that like the character enough to buy some merch.

Sure he's not a main eventer, but a good mid card guy at the very least.

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