Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bring On The Mexican, Super Crazy To Return

Super Crazy has not been seen or heard from lately, and that's because he's recovering from a Knee Injury. However, do you remember what feuds he was in before leaving? Yep. He was battling it out with Chris Masters, and a few matches with Carlito, and some other jobbers. Wait he is the Jobber!

Why does WWE toy with our emotions? Super Crazy doesn't need to say a whole lot backstage, and he can take a similar role to Dean Malenko in WCW. In WCW Dean said very few things. He just went out there and performed, wrestled, and wrestled and showed 2000+ wrestling moves to the astonishment of all comers. When he held the belt, he would defend it on a weekly and monthly basis!

So why can Super Crazy get involved with the Cruiserweight division, or the tag division?

Oh right...

The WWE doesn't like the Lucha Libre influenced wrestling style that Super Crazy & guys like Mistico bring to the table.

Super Crazy is set to return to Raw soon, and probably won't last long. I think he's on par with Val Venis & Steven Richards at this point...just hopeless jobbers to whatever monster heel they are going to push this week.

I hope they prove me wrong though.

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