Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sandman Tries To Save His Own Job + 24/7 Notes

Sandman looks to be trying too hard. That's what I can gather from this awesome photo of him about to deliver a leg drop onto Lashley.

My problems with the ECW main event are huge! For one thing why can Lashley beat 3 ECW originals! I've asked this question before, and I want to know why is it that these big guys are trashing the ECW guys? It's stupid.

I do not believe that the WWE cares for ECW nor does it it see it as a brand they want to keep stocked with any sort of originals. They are completely showing that the new breed is better and badder.

At least Lashley is. I hope they trade the guy...bring in Benoit..that guy can get extreme. Remember the Kevin Sullivan vs. Benoit match from The Great American Bash 97? Oh remember!


I just got WWE 24/7 and WOW, this is amazing! It has pure wrestling on, it has ECW cards, it has legend matches, it has dvd releases, and it also has new stuff! I'm very impressed, very very impressed. It only costs me 8 dollars more a month! This is the best thing I've seen in a long time, and I for one am completely glad that the WWE is allowing their old programming to air.

I can't believe what I've missed for so long.

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