Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lashley Can't Talk...Neither Can Benoit?

One of the biggest things criticized in Bobby Lashley’s development as a main event superstar in WWE is his lacking of skill on the microphone.

Apparently, sources are saying that Lashley doesn't have good mic skills and that he maybe held back in the future.

I also heard that Chris Benoit is going to be held back too. Why doesn't WWE allow him the freedom to talk like this:

What? Good Mic skills? Yep. That's right, Benoit can talk, the WWE just hasn't put him in a situation to use his skills. Why?

WWE is holding back people because they aren't comedic at all. They aren't Austin, Rock, or's hilarious to me to see complaints.

Let Lashley wrestle, and tell him to get really mad and just start yelling or something!

Benoit is amazing in ring and on the mic, if you can get him out of the jaded times of crap wrestling.

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