Monday, March 24, 2008

Konnan's War Against TNA

I've written extensively about Konnan's war against TNA. But in recent news, another bullet is being loaded into the revolver of Konnan's gun, as he prepares to file a 7 million dollar discrimination lawsuit against his former employer; TNA.

This is going to be fantastic, if you ask me.

How much is TNA Worth right now?

How much is TNA losing in salaries?

TNA with all it's might, can not produce a rating that is remotely close to any of the WWE mainstream shows. If you count ECW, then you are wrong, as they match ECW on most occasions, and anyone who tries to cite a war between WWE and TNA is sadly mistaken.

Konnan, from what I know, is not a poor man. He's got some major pull in Lucha Libre and last time I saw him in Los Angeles a few years back, he didn't look like a shell of his former self yet, and was still drawing a lot of fan fare.

In fact, according to

....although a lawsuit is definitely in the works, the only thing Konnan's lawyer Cary Ichter has filed so far is a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Atlanta, Georgia. They have given TNA 30 days to respond to the complaint before moving forward with the $7 million lawsuit.

So there you have it. What can TNA really do to protect itself from making Konnan a richer wrestler?

Can TNA even salvage the relationship?

I for one hated how they wouldn't spring for his kidney operation. 7 Million? I say take more man, take all you can...

Then again, maybe I'm just being mean for no reason. I'm not sure what all the details are, but this war with TNA is not going to end with Konnan shutting up, that's for sure.

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  1. I think you're right--one of the most physically dangerous jobs around and there's not enough of a health plan to pay for major medical, which is one of the first offerings for any company's health benefits? That's just garbage, IMHO.

    Question for you, while you're on the subject of TNA--where'd Raven go? I haven't seen even blurbs about the boy in ages.



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