Tuesday, June 12, 2007

McMahon Not Dead & The Worst Pick In The Draft

WWE Vince MCmahon

If you believe that Vinnie Mac is really dead, than you're dead wrong. There is no wy in hell that they would treat a legitimate death as a storyline. Or would they?

Raw went into a tailspin yesterday with the draft and the worst pick of the draft is for Smackdowan. Talk about the worst idea ever...Torrie Wilson moves to Smackdown? Why? Who cares about the divas! That was a major throw away in regards to a draft at all.

I'm completely dumbfounded by that idea.

I like Boogeyman moving to ECW that way he can use weapons to offset his lack of abilities.

There was announced that there will be another draft this wednesday, but tonight's ECW is important, it will highlight who is going to be the NEW ECW Champion!

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