Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sir Jorge's WWE Mail Bag Vol. 1

I get comments on this site every now and again, and sometimes I never go back to them. But to somehow encourage more comments, I’m going to start replying to them, in post.

Pandora’s chest writes:

“Hiya Jorge!

I agree with you on tag teams and cruiserweights as well. Any idea where Psicosis went? Super Crazy's around jobbing, but his partner's gone too. London and Kendrick are both a blast to watch but without the synergy of a tag team it's tough going for guys their size.

I don't get it--some of the most fun matches I've ever seen have been tag matches, cruiserweights and luchadors back in the WCW days when they were bringing up guys like Super Calo (aka Super Crazy? I'm never sure that's him because Calo was masked), Psicosis, Juvi, Los Villanos... I could go all night listing awesome wrestlers that today don't get a second look, like Vampiro Canadiense, but you've heard me babble on that before so I'll quit hijacking your comments and just say, "awesome post".”

First of all, thank you for all the comments in the past, I appreciate you reading this blog of mine, and it’s great to see other people that like professional wrestling, and who know a lot about pro-wrestling past, present and future.

Psichosis is in Mexico, enjoying some nice paydays. Psichosis and Juventud Guerrera were let go by the WWE because they just don’t like their styles.

From what I know, the WWE hates high-spots and Lucha Libre style moves. They feel that it endangers their wrestlers far beyond normal, and when Juventud deliberately disobeyed WWE’s policy in regards to what can be performed in ring, he was immediately fired. Same goes with Psichosis.

Luchadors are crippled by the standards of WWE’s in ring policies.

Super Calo was not Psichosis. If you recall, Psichosis had a great run in WCW feuding with the cruiserweight champions a bunch. Calo is seen every now and again in Mexico, and enjoys a long running jobber role. He’s older, so he’s not exactly getting as much coverage. Some of his WCW matches are legendary, although no one seems to remember them.

Vampiro is really old, and tired. He couldn’t hack it right now, in my opinion. He’s got a documentary coming out sooner than later. Last I heard he was in Mexico, fighting crime.

Keep the comments coming, I appreciate the readers.

I’ll keep posting of course. I love pro-wrestling.

Just for your awesome comments, here's a match from 1998 featuring Super Calo:

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1 comment:

  1. Hiya Jorge!

    Thanks tons for the treat! Juvi still masked, La Parka (another favorite) right in the middle of it all... Thanks for the smiles--awesome match all around.

    I was confused on whether or not Super Calo=Super Crazy, not Psicosis, but your answer straightened me out anyhow. Thanks for the correction--it's been awhile since I've really went looking for info on some of these guys.

    I remembered what happened to Juvi his last run with WWE--he'd attempted and missed a 420 and that was the beginning of the end. I'd missed the news on Psicosis tho, but it doesn't surprise me that he got into the same trouble--what made them come to the WWE's attention is the same stuff that led to their leaving the company. It seems to me that happens all too often with WWE.

    Thanks again for the treat and I agree with the post above this one before even reading it: If it's Chavo vs. the Dead Man, Chavo's toast unless he brings back a form of the "Cheat to Win" gimmick he and Eddie once used.



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