Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cena Sucks Orton Sucks Triple H Sucks

I was watching Raw last night and it hit me...all three of the main eventers are horrible. I've debated this point with myself all morning and it turns out that the three contestants trying to get away with a win at Wrestlemania are lacking a certain aspect that garners them transitional champions at best, regardless of their longevity with the championship.

John Cena is boring. I'm tired of hearing him try to tug on the kids little hearts, and although I know wwe is a business and that money is their number one goal, I don't believe that Cena can maintain any sort of credibility as a performer as a face. He needs a heel turn, and he needs one quickly. If he pulled a "why cena why" angle, he'd be perfect, and let him make fun of people already, I want him to rap again! As it stands, the "safe" cena is not doing well, shake things up and I'll pay attention.

Triple H is resting on his laurels. He's got a legacy of good matches, but in this three way dance of sorts, he's not doing so well in my opinion. He's just not pulling his weight. He should rightfully be facing Orton at Wrestlemania, not Cena, as Cena had his chance at No Way Out.

Orton is young, he's easily hated, but he lacks charisma to move me. He can be a monster heel if he would just let Triple H and Cena battle each other. What purpose does Orton serve as champion if he can't just sit back and be the coward? The cowardly heel champion that steps up his game at the ppv is what WWE needs right now. Not this heel champion that talks big, and then comes in to RKO the contenders.

Overall the main event scene on Raw is not shaping up to be good at all.

Raw has also tarnished my opinion of Y2J in recent months. His lackluster return aside, Y2J is now a joke.

I did remember saying that Hardy was being set up for a fall, I still think He is not going to aspire to much, I hope I'm wrong.

I'll still get Wrestlemania, but am not looking forward to this half-hearted title match.

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