Saturday, March 22, 2008

Smackdown Review 3/21/08

Y2J and MVP did a great job hyping a match for next week. I'm actually excited about the match up. I hope wwe continues to push those two on the mic, because they are really good together, and MVP, despite his outfit, is actually really good.

Chavo getting beat down by the Undertaker was lame. I thought for sure Edge was going to save him.

The Tag-titles around miz and morrison makes me mad. BUt I don't want them to go to the glorified jobbers in Jesse and Festus...we need a real team.

No Vickie Guerrero, which was nice.

Wasn't Mark Henry the resident big-man Jobber? At least that's what I thought. He would be called in whenever Batista or Undertaker needed a quick loss. As a matter of fact Mark Henry's "monster" record is really looking like the worst win/loss record in professional wrestling today. Seriously, Mark Henry is a horrible heel...

but for some reason on Smackdown, Mark Henry got his second wind, and obliterated the ring of guys in the Wrestlemania battle royal. I haven't seen Henry so dominant in a long time.

Is Henry going to be turning over a new leaf?

I sure hope not, that guy is so slow. He has like 2 moves, and then he has the overdrive mode where he injures whoever needs to get surgery..aka...Rey Mysterio etc.

Smackdown was really cool, but come on...Henry?

Batista mopping up a real tag-team made me upset too. I still believe wwe hates tag teams.

No sign of Matt Hardy. The divas arm wrestling was stupid. They aren't even eye candy to me.

Overall Smackdown was good, and I enjoyed it, however, I'm concerned over the future of Mark Henry's involvement on the show. I hope he loses at Wrestlemania, or he gets injured, because I can't stand him coming back and dominating the roster like he did on Smackdown.

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