Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ECW 11/4/08 Review and Results Election Day Wrestling

We get started quickly on this edition on ECW with one of the worst match ups ever dreamed up by the ECW creative team….

Matt Hardy defeated Bam Neely

This was a stupid idea, as Bam put the boots to Matt Hardy, and for once he looked strong! Seriously, Matt Hardy was looking weak against Bam Neely! The same idiot that gets beat down week in and week out is looking like a real contender, and that bugs me greatly; however, matt hardy gets the victory! As it should be.

Finlay defeated Mark Henry

I used to hate everything Mark Henry, but you know what? He’s actually doing a little better now. He’s actually hitting a good stride and he hasn’t been injured in a while. Meanwhile, Finlay is looking good too, a little bigger than his “fit finlay” days, but he’s out there doing his thing. He takes it to Mark Henry and pulls a victory in this quick match up. Not half bad. Finlay wins by cheating, but all things are good as Finlay will not get an ECW title shot. Will Finlay be the new champ? Maybe.

ECW Results 11/4/08

Matt Hardy defeated Bam Neely
Finlay defeated Mark Henry
Ricky Ortiz beat an idiot

This was probably one of the worst episodes of ECW I’ve ever seen. Seriously, there is no merit to this edition of ECW as it was short, it had horrible matches and a lot of talking for no apparent reason. This is a waste of an hour for ECW. At least in the olden days of ECW television they would shove in a lot of good wrestling in their allotted time slot. This is a great parody of Ecw, that’s for sure.

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