Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ECW 11/18/08 Review and Results

Here we go, another edition of the C level wwe show that is ECW. Probably my least favorite brands that the WWE is trying to push, and once again, we get the epic feel and start that isn’t what ECW ever stood for. Remember when they tried to have a second stage just for ECW? Those were the days. Atlanta, Georgia is where we are coming from.

We get what I suppose is the dirt sheet? These guys are funny, but I’m too tired to laugh.

DJ Gabriel w/ Alicia Fox defeated a jobber

I don’t have enough respect for jobbers to remember their names. I remember when I was a kid I had a lot of respect for the jobbers because they would eventually become major players in WWE, but not now. These guys are dumb. DJ Gabriel looks good out there, and impressed me somewhat, but I couldn’t help but compare him to Alex Wright. Remember him? That guy could dance, and remember he teamed up with Tokyo Magum? Those were hilarious times. Dj Garbriel is like the Miz’s older brother, or younger brother….the European uppercut off the second rope was kind of cool, I liked that. Kind of a boring match otherwise.

Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Deamer via dq

Swagger and Dreamer met in an Amatuer wrestling match. I hate these things, I don’t tune into professional wrestling to see collegiate wrestling! Other than that, Jack Swagger was putting Tommy through the ringer. I am not a fan of amateur wrestling at all, but oh well. This match was done when Dreamer lost his cool and delivered a ddt.

On a side note, Jack Swagger is using music that sounds a lot like Rage Against the Machine. Word on the street is that the WWE is in a lawsuit with Sony/BMG over the rights to the song. It sounds too much like Rage Against the Machine, sources say. I don’t know.

William Regal, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes defeated Finlay, Matt hardy, and Kofi Kingston

This match wasn’t all that bad. I am sure sick of six man tag team matches though. This one was tough, Finlay and Regal were really taking some stiff shots, and landing some insane European uppercuts. The bad guys had complete control in this match up, with Finlay getting a beatdown left and right. He was favoring his shoulder, and the heels were taking full advantage of that, focusing their onslaught onto it. By the time Kofi Kingston and Hardy got involved in this match, it was getting quite ood. Kofi’s impressive, Henry though stopped him with the world’s strongest slam and the match was over.

ECW Results 11/18/08

William Regal, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes defeated Finlay, Matt hardy, and Kofi Kingston
Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Deamer via dq
DJ Gabriel w/ Alicia Fox defeated a jobber

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