Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ECW on ScyFy 11/24/09 Results and Review

ECW on ScyFy 11/24/09 Results

Shelton Benjamin defeated Zack Ryder
Vance Archer defeated Jobber (Alex something…I forget)
Yoshi Tatsu defeated William Regal

ECW on ScyFy 11/24/09 Review

Shelton Benjamin defeated Zack Ryder

I know I should be interested in ECW a little more than other shows, since it’s concise, to the point and features a lot of wrestling. However, I just fail to get into Shelton Benjamin these days. Zack Ryder, if pushed like Ziggler, could end up being a good overall wrestler. But to me, Benjamin’s boat has already sailed. But in this match, he seemed to be fighting for his life, as he was trying to get out of the clutches of Ryder, who tried to prove to his lady friend that he was quite good without help. This match had some good back and forth, but it seemed painfully obvious that Benjamin might have been pre-occupied, as he missed a few spots, and Ryder had to try and “carry” the match at points. Overall, not a bad match though. Benjamin was the one that ended up on top, and maybe, rightfully so.

Post match, I find out that Benjamin is the number one contender to the ECW title, and that might be a good feud. It probably won’t be a feud, it’s going to be one major match. Shelton Benjamin and Christian in a ladder match for the ECW title!

Vance Archer defeated Jobber (Alex something…I forget)

This was another squash match. I’m not sure how long the WWE will have these squash matches, but they are getting old fast, that’s for sure.

Fat Matt Hardy was on the Abraham Washington Show. I’m still not sure what Abraham offers to the WWE, but whatever.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated William Regal

This was a faster match than I anticipated, and while Tatsu was getting hit hard for the most part of this match up, he managed to get one over on Regal. Despite some interference from Kozlov, Regal just couldn’t kick out of that big roundhouse kick.

Post match, Ezekiel Jackson basically quit the Regal team by hitting both Kozlov and Regal with his finishing move? I don’t know. He’s on his own now.

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