Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ecw on ScyFy 11/3/09 Results and Review Christian Turmoil

Ecw on ScyFy 11/3/09 Results

William Regal defeated Goldust
Shelton Benjamin defeated Zack Ryder
Vance Archer defeated Logan Jones
Yoshi Tatsu & Christian defeated Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson

Ecw on ScyFy 11/3/09 Review

Christian was in ring and talking about Regal. He was calling out William Regal and Regal came out to oblige. However, the general manager wasn’t really having it, and she was trying to stop the two from colliding. William Regal is offered a title shot and turned it down, saying that he’s in control not Christian. Regal eventually folds and will get a title shot when the WWE goes to England. I was bored, and didn’t care.

Post interview, Christian dropkicked Regal and we cut to commercial break.

William Regal defeated Goldust

Goldust put on a great match in this one. He was in control for the most part. He had Regal’s number for the whole match, and I for one actually started seeing that old Goldust, the one that was an Intercontinental championship contender. However, all that was put on hold, and buried, because Regal hit his running knee and knocked out the golden one with ease and won the match cleanly.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Zack Ryder

I definitely felt that I’ve seen this match before many times. However, I couldn’t remember off the top of my head when. Zack Ryder was distracted by Eve, and it cost him However, before that, Benjamin was putting on a demo reel of his footage because he had this match well in time and tuned up to showcase his natural wrestling talents. Shelton Benjamin, if he could get better on the mic, should definitely be chasing a title, he’s that good in ring. Ryder? Well, he’s distracted by Rosa? I already forgot which diva it was…cause I’m lame.

Paul Burchill yelled at The Hurricane about being a fraud, and I noticed again that Hurricane is getting fat. Maybe I’m getting fat too? Man…I need a job.

Vance Archer defeated Logan Jones

Lance Archer (I think he was previously Lance Hoyt) made his debut. Logan Jones got some cheers, which is interesting to see. Archer was just intense, an intensity that you don’t see with new comer wrestlers. He hit four moves and it was over, it was a classic debut, I liked it. He is just calm, and he executes perfectly, wow, that’s interesting. He might be a good addition, but I’d have to see him wrestle someone other than a jobber.

Yoshi Tatsu & Christian defeated Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson

Yoshi Tatsu and Christian put on a good enough match to defeat the cronies that hang out with Regal. However, the match really didn’t have a lot of time to develop and seemed a bit rushed. While Regal’s team lost, Tatsu and Christian managed to compel the match to go their way with a series of moves.

After the match, Regal and his team of idiots beat up Christian, trying to hurt him before the title match next week.

Overall, ECW was ok. Regal’s mean streak is interesting to see. The intensity of the new guy was cool too, and the rest? It was alright. I liked how compact the show was, that’s for sure. A good overall ECW, nothing too harsh to say about it, that’s for sure.


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