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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/21/09 Results and Review The Brothers of Destruction

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/21/09 Results

Batista defeated Matt Hardy
Drew McIntyre defeated Finlay
John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler best two out of three falls for the intercontinental championships
Mickie James defeated Layla
Rey Mysterio vs Tyson Kidd (dq? No contest? I don’t know…Batista interfered)
The Brothers of Destruction vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/21/09 Review

The show immediately opened up with the reason why I still watch wwe…wrestling.

Batista defeated Matt Hardy

This was a cool match, at least in the on set. Matt Hardy didn’t just roll over and let Batista beat him up, he put in some offense, and was working on staying in there as long as possible. Even while Batista was setting up Hardy in rest holds, Hardy managed to get offense in. This was a good thing, making Batista work for his win, and not just squashing Hardy as a jobber. Hardy even countered the Batista Bomb! This match, although shorter than usual, managed to be quite impressive. Hardy countered the spear too! This was not a squash job, which made me cheer for once. Batista ended up winning the match, but Hardy was there step by step fighting back.

Drew McIntyre defeated Finlay

Finlay came out and brawled with Drew. However, in a stupid turn of events Drew hit Finlay with an eye gauge his ddt finisher and won with ease. What the heck? Finlay gets one eye rake and it’s over? The same Finlay that fought in a junkyard with the rest of the hardcore title guys in WCW? WWE took a misstep in this match. It was like a reverse squash…if that exists.

CM Punk cut the longest promo I’ve seen in a long time. He cut a straightedge promo with three major examples, visuals, trash cans, just boredom. Then R Truth came out to settle the mood, and finally change things up a little. In one of the best feud starters in a long time, R Truth knocked Punk nearly unconscious with a trash can full of cigarettes! Yep. That’s right, he beat the crap out of Punk then dumped a trashcan of cigarettes over him! There will be blood! Right?

John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler best two out of three falls for the intercontinental championship

This match started of fast, with good movement. Morrison even went for Starship Pain early, but was thwarted by Ziggler, who put a knee up. Morrison then quickly rolled up Ziggler for the first pinfall!

The second fall was a good overall match. Ziggler controlled most of this match up, and it looked like he could gain a foothold in this match. He was focusing on Morrison’s back and really putting a good amount of offense in. This was not a squash match by any stretch of the imagination. Ziggler got the pinfall, and it was 1 to 1.

The third fall was key, as it really showed that Ziggler is so close to getting a belt. However, Morrison just was one step ahead, and really is the future of the WWE if he continues to put on displays like he did in the third fall. Ziggler and Morrison put on a hefty match up and it showed. Morrison scored the third fall after hitting Starship Pain and man…he got an ovation.

Mickie James defeated Layla

Layla was fighting Mickie James, if you can call it fighting. Mickie James easily defated the Smackdown Diva, and it was not much of a challeng. I was a little bored. Mickie James needs more wrestling competition, simply put.

Post match, Mickie James got made fun of by Michelle McCool with a hilarious promo that was supposed to make fun of Mickie James, but instead just seemed so cheesy. I didn’t care for it, but it apparently made Mickie James cry. Whatever…she’s been getting fat lately.

Rey Mysterio vs Tyson Kidd (dq? No contest? I don’t know…Batista interfered)

Tyson Kidd looked like a man possessed out there. He was taking it to Rey in a way I haven’t seen Kidd wrestle. He was fighting fast, and had been one step ahead of Mysterio throughout the first part of this match. Kidd was definitely stepping up his game for this and was really showcasing that he’s quite good. Mysterio of course would make him pay for a subtle mistake, gaining an edge over Kidd with some high spots, including going to the top rope….but it was Batista that caused this match’s finale.

Batista interfered, pushed Kidd away and Mysterio pounced on Batista, humiliating him for the second straight week. It was fast, and it was rad. This was a good set up for their match, even if it did come at the price of Tyson Kidd’s stellar performance against Mysterio.

Kane & The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show (no contest?)

These guys make for quite the match up. The match started with Kane and Jericho getting into it, and it wasn’t half bad. Kane, for once, started looking like the Kane of old, methodical yet fast. Hitting Jericho with a slew of offense that we don’t get out of the Big Slow Machine anymore. The Undertaker got a tag and he too was working fast, and Jericho seemed outmatched by the big guys, until he tagged in The Big Show! The Brothers of Destruction were definitely in control of this match in the early goings, until the second commercial break.

Remember when The Brothers of Destruction took on DDP & Christian in a cage match? Remember DDP getting squashed for stalking “Sarah”? It was great, DDP never recovered from that angle….sad huh? Whatever…DDP vs Goldberg at Halloween Havoc 98 is all I need from DDP; that and when he wrestled Macho Man…twice.

Back to the match:

Undertaker went “old school” which is rad, because this time it wasn’t “vintage”. The big guys were in complete control of the tag champions. Jericho wasn’t getting much of a chance to shine, and Big Show was trying to get a few shots in, and while he was getting in there good, he wasn’t able to put away the big guys alone. Jericho eventually was able to get some offense on Kane, but only after Big Show softened him up a little. You might remember that Jericho fought Kane in a Last Man Standing match when Jericho was still Y2J, and Jericho fought him hard back then, and still managed to get some offense in now…several years later. However, Kane was able to turn things around with a counter to the Lionsault. Jericho eventually was in there with Undertaker and was in the midst of getting the Walls of Jericho on Taker, but Taker was putting on the hells gate choke, only to get leg dropped by The Big Show! This match was getting really interesting, and the action spilled out to the floor and this thing turned into a brawl…which reminds me, why was there no standing 10 count outside the ring? Oh well. The Brothers of Destruction isolated Chris Jericho in the ring, and this was the end of Jericho. Jericho was hit with a huge chokeslam from Kane, a big boot from Undertaker, only to get Big Show back in to equalize the situation.

However, Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Big Show then stole the world championship belt and ran off! Big Show and Undertaker were left in the ring, and the ref was confused, as was I.

The show was good, the main event was good too, although confusing. I’m not sure what he point is of having these no ending matches…I would appreciate someone winning or losing…geez.


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