Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ecw on ScyFy 11/10/09 Results and Review Christian and Regal

ECW on ScyFy 11/10/09 Results

Goldust defeated Paul Burchill
Vance Archer defeated Jason Blackwell
Christian defeated William Regal

ECW on ScyFy 11/10/09 Review

The night started with the Abraham Washington show, to a warm chorus of boos. Washington’s guest was none other than Yoshi Tatsu! He got somewhat of a good pop from the English crowd. The show was ok at best.

Goldust defeated Paul Burchill

Goldust was getting worked throughout the match up, and it seemed like Purchill was going to get an easy win. He was hitting hard, and hitting some big power moves. However, Goldust got an assist from The Hurricane, and hit the Final Cut to get the win. The match itself was nothing to really write home about, but I’m glad to see Goldust get a victory. They could definitely use him a lot better, but we’ll see if this is a momentary push, or a long term plan.

Vance Archer defeated Jason Blackwell

There’s not much to say about this match. Another squash match, a normal thing for the WWE in these modern times. I wasn’t impressed, just like I wasn’t impressed when Kozlov was doing the same thing, and look where he is now? A random sidekick.

Christian defeated William Regal

Regal has definitely lost a step or two, because Christian had this thing going far away from him at times, and it seemed like Regal was struggling to keep up. The match was slowed down by the hometown hero, pushing submission style wrestling instead of hitting power moves, to wind down the champion, and score a submission rather than a clean pinfall. Christian kept fighting back, even though it didn’t seem to be working to his advantage, as Regal kept pushing to wear down Christian. Regal did have some near falls, but it seemed like he was just trying to tire out Christian, and nothing more. This match was getting good for sure, as Christian wasn’t able to put away Regal with ease, and Regal kept fighting. Despite the match’s length I started to really enjoy how it was working out. Regal hit his knee to the head, and I thought this thing was over, but nope. Christian managed to pull out a good victory, a hard fought title defense, proving again that he’s not a transitional champion.


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