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WWE Monday NIght Raw 11/2/09 Results and Review Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne Host

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/2/09 Results

The Miz defeated Evan Bourne in the United States Championship Match
Jamie Noble defeated Sheamus via disqualification
Mark Henry, MVP, and Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton & Legacy
Alicia Fox won a Divas Battle Royal
Chris Jericho defeated John Cena and The Big Show in a triple threat match

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/2/09 Review

The show immediately began with Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne in ring, getting quite an ovation. Then out came the Miz and he had some complaints about his countout loss, but he was interrupted by Legacy, and they wanted retribution for their gift to Orton. However, they were interrupted by The Big Show, who also had some gripes; but that of course wasn’t the end all. The Big Show was interrupted by Degeneration X and Triple H was plugging Ozzie’s new book and Dx’s new book as well.

Ozzie Osbourne called Evan Bourne “Evan Brawn” which was laughable to me…once again they screw things over.

The Miz defeated Evan Bourne in the United States Championship Match

The title was on the line in this match up and I thought it was about time we started seeing title defenses on Raw. The Miz started this match with a lot of hard offense, trying to prove that he’s no joke in the ring, and that he is in fact “Awesome”. However, Evan Bourne wasn’t going to just lay down and he started to reverse things and hit some awesome spots right away, and this thing took a turn I didn’t see coming. In fact, The Miz was reeling for a good portion of this match, and Evan Bourne just kept hitting all his high spots, even when The Miz would reverse things. Bourne went for the Shooting Star Press, and that’s when things finally curtailed, The Crushing Finale of sorts (Miz’s finisher) was hit and Bourne’s title shot was done. The Miz edges out another victory.

Jamie Noble defeated Sheamus via disqualification

Once again, Jamie Noble was back on Raw, for what seemed like another burial. I still can’t believe Jamie Noble is still employed, seriously, I said that last week, but come on, you know this is true right? Noble is just punching bag at this point, and had no major offense to speak of. He’s in a lower class of jobbers at this point and will most likely be released in the near future. Sheamus keeps beating Jamie Noble and gets disqualified for his efforts….this is no way to make a villain, sorry.

Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston

Wow, they’re giving this match away? I thought for sure this would build into a ppv caliber match or a set up for the next ppv, at least that’s how the WWE used to do things. Now they’re just like the old wcw, giving the good stuff away, and getting less and less ppv buys. Kofi took this match into his own hands and started off like a house on fire, just continually pummeling Orton in the early goings of this match. Legacy ran down to help Orton, but Kofi launched himself like a missile straight at his enemies, and this forced the match to change…into a six man tag!

Mark Henry & MVP joined the match to help even the odds!

Mark Henry, MVP, and Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton & Legacy

After the break this match took off into a classic six man tag team match up. It wasn’t that boring, and it didn’t play like the normal six man tags in main events. The match broke down into lots of spots, with good crowd reaction, and more importantly entertaining moments. Rhodes trying to take on Mark Henry was classic, and it cost him. Henry nearly broke Cody Rhodes in half with the World’s Strongest Slam, and won the match up for his team. Up to this point I was bored, but this match made me wake up a little. I liked it.

At this point we had a talent show of sorts, beginning with none other than Santino…trying to sing Bark at the Moon…but he changed it up. He then tried to bite the head off of a Bat….BATMAN toy! It was classic Santino, and well…the highlight of the talent show! Until Hornswoggle came out dressed as Jack Osbourne! Hilarious to say the least…yeah what a lame talent show…waste of time!

Alicia Fox won a Divas Battle Royal

At this point there was a divas battle royal match and the participants were…everyone? The wwe kind of threw this one together and it showed, because the divas were either in a corner biding their time or hitting very lightly to make the time pass a little bit, meanwhile this thing was boring the crowd too. Jack Swagger came down to ringside, distracting some random chick. Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly were the last two left, which was a real shame! Alicia Fox however, somehow won this match…and is now the #1 contender to the divas title! Seriously, this is just sad.

Chris Jericho defeated The Big Show & John Cena in a triple threat match

Once again the WWE pushes the envelope of “Superman” is John Cena by having John Cena wrestle two men. Dx on commentary was good, however, Triple H kept trying to crack jokes about the business and break the fourth wall and really make lame attempts at being funny, it wasn’t working 90% of the time, but hey…that’s Triple H for ya. The Big Show and Jericho were just working John Cena throughout this match up with ease. There apparently were no rules either, because this thing was looking terrible for Cena. The match started to get really interesting when Big Show and Jericho could no longer coexist and made for quite the match up, leaving Cena to fight Big Show on his own. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but failed to execute, causing the Big Show to nearly take out Cena just by his weight alone! Cena got a second wind, what a surprise, and started to get the crowd going. After a five knuckle shuffle, this thing looked like it was on rails, predictable as ever. He got Jericho up for the Attitude Adjustment and got near the ropes, but that’s where Big Show came in with a huge right hand to Cena! Cena dropped like a fly and Jericho fell on top of him for the pinfall victory.

Post match Jericho and Big Show beat up Cena some more. Then Dx jumped in for the save, and that was the end of that. Meaning that Jericho and Big Show beat up Dx.

Raw wasn’t half bad tonight, seriously, I liked it more than I should have.


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  1. I appreciated the fact that Shawn Michaels basically admitted that in DX, he is the second banana...

  2. You're right man, Shawn Michaels basically put himself in proper light, odd.



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