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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/16/09 Results and Review Piper in NYC

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/16/09 Results

The Miz defeated MVP to retain the U.S Title
Santino defeated Chavo Guerrero
Jack Swagger defeated Evan Bourne
Melina defeated Alicia Fox in a lumberjill (jack) match
Randy Orton vs Hot Rod Roddy Piper (no contest)
John Cena & The Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho & Big Show and Dx

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/16/09 Review

Roddy Piper showed up backstage with Luiz Guzman and the Iron Shiek and it was hilarious. I liked it. Bobby Flay was suppose to come out, but instead we got the Iron Shiek instead of the Iron Chef! Hahah, I laughed.

The Miz came out and cut a great heel promo.

The Miz defeated MVP

MVP gets a title shot? What the hell? We must be in an alternate universe….what the hell? MVP’s arms are exposed? I’m dreaming right?

The Miz started this match off fast and MVP had to come back from it. MVP had this thing sewed up at times, but Miz was proving that he’s no paper champion. I’m impressed with how much The Miz has improved and love how MVP was also getting some good offense in, overall an alright match up, given it’s the first match of the night. The Playmaker looked to be inevitable, but was reversed into a big boot from MVP and this thing was going all MVP. The Skull Crushhing Finale was hit out of nowhere, and this thing was in the records book. A somewhat impressive win for The Miz, and you know what? He’s improved a lot more than I’d have given Miz credit for.

Santino defeated Chavo Guerrero

Santino came out with four New York Team jerseys on!

Chavo started this match immediately with the three amigos, and then followed that up with an attempt for the Frog Splash, but it was too far away, so he switched sides. Santino was smart enough to roll away from the corners, forcing Chavo to switch sides again, and this was a nice comedy routine.

Hornswoggle came out in DX gear and distracted Chavo, Santino rolled him up and Santino won a match, in a NY Yankees Jersey! Chavo once again gets embarrassed!

Immediately after the match, out came none other than DX to an extreme ovation. EXXXXTREME! Hahah, I’m in good spirits…despite a long night of no sleep.

DX cut a promo about how they are a unit and what not, then they dealt with Hornswoggle. It was lame. They called out the little guy and promised that he would be a part of DX only to pedigree him into oblivion! That was stupid….man, that’s messed up son.

Melina defeated Alicia Fox in a lumberjill (jack) match

Alicia Fox sucks. This match was too fast, and didn’t develop into much of anything. In fact, this match was over before I could even look up…it was dumb.

The post match was great though, all the Divas jumped in and they were fighting back and forth. Of course Team Mickie James stood in ring together, united, but it was Judah (30 Rock) who got in good with some dancing and what not.

Roddy Piper came out to the ring and ran his mouth, made some jokes, and then dropped what seemed like a bad idea. He called out Vince McMahon and challenged him to a match!

Sheamus came out, challenged anyone to come out and defeat him (shades of Honky Tonk Man) and instead beat up the ring announcer, then attacked King Jerry Lawler. All in all, a stupid way to get Sheamus over, I don’t care about him, and I don’t think anyone should. Unless King gets revenge.

Jack Swagger defeated Evan Bourne

We get this match, yet again, and this time Swagger was in control throughout the whole match. He was like a man possessed, he was not about to be embarrassed again, and he proved it. He treated Evan Bourne like a jobber, and he literally annihilated Bourne…Bourne never had a chance…ouch.

Randy Orton vs Hot Rod Roddy Piper (no contest)

Randy Orton came out instead of McMahon and fought Piper. Orton basically killed Piper, with ease, and that’s unfortunate. Kofi Kington ran down for the save and started to take out Randy Orton, with Piper there coaching Kingston! The fight spilled out to the floor, into the crowd and Orton and Kingston were just fighting it out, old school. This was rad. The melee ended with Kofi Kingston jumping off a railing onto Orton through a table! It was a cool move and a major throwback to simpler times.

John Cena & The Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho & Big Show and Dx

Overall the main event had a good sense of action, and urgency. Each guy got his move set in as fast as he could, and it worked well. This kept my attention and was quite good. I couldn’t believe that even though this match started after the 2nd hour was over, it still was given this much room to breathe. While it did seem a bit sped up, it still didn’t feel completely terrible to watch. Everyone hit their finisher, and it was John Cena and Triple H left in ring and guess what?

John Cena gets the pin!

Postmatch, Undertaker hits Cena with a huge tombstone and the night is over.

Overall, not a terrible night of wrestling, although there was a lot of talking, it was still alright. There was some obvious filler, and some not so great moments, but overall, come on, it wasn’t half bad; one week before Survivor’s Series.

I won’t be getting the ppv, I can’t afford it, but I’m sure someone will watch it.

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