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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/27/09 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/27/09 Results

The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme
Matt Hardy defeated CM Punk via disqualification
Batista defeated Kane in a #1 Contender’s Match via countout
John Morrison defeated Escobar
Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/27/09 Review

I’m sick. The holidays really took a lot out of me. Well, just my idiot brother in law and his mouthing off. I ran away on a skateboard in 30 degree weather. But I’m back in action here on my special wwe site. I still have no job, no one buys anything from the links below, and no one wants to hire me….lame.

The show started with Chris Jericho talking smack. He was irate about not getting a title shot. He would get a shot at none other than, the Undertaker later tonight. It would be a non title match. Jericho is gold on the mic.

The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme

This match was actually not half bad. I’ve seen it so many other times before, but this time it seemed faster, well oiled, and good overall. It might have been the coffee I was drinking, but I was hoping for another Cyme Tyme win. The Hart Dynasty was pushing forward and really put on a good show for the crowd, and millions at home. DH Smith looks a lot more comfortable in ring than he has in the past, and the team might have a bright future, if they continue to get more competition. However, we’ll have to wait and see.

Backstage John Morrison and Escobar had a little meeting with Teddy Long and Vicky. It was a good interchange, but it was Morrison that shown through. Escobar and Vicky makes me sick…seriously sick.

CM Punk came out with a new bodyguard, and he started on the mic talking smack about purity and what not. He would wrestle Matt Hardy tonight, or should I say Fat Hardy. Oh by the way, Luke Gallows (the bodyguard) is Festus! Yep.

Matt Hardy defeated CM Punk via disqualification

This match wasn’t half bad. Hardy was actually pushing the match a little more than usual, and Punk was taking some major offense. However, after the commercial, it was the new guy Luke Gallows that would cost Punk the match. Gallows hit Hardy and then began pummeling him, costing Punk the match.

Cm Punk and Gallows continued to mess up Hardy after the match.

We had a few promo’s happen here, and a few different commercials, but we’re back in action.

Batista defeated Kane in a #1 Contender’s Match via countout

This was a longer match than I thought it would be. Batista was definitely getting worked in this match, but Kane seemed tired at times and was relying on heavy moves to try and make an impact against Batista. Batista wasn’t winning this one easily, as he was getting hit hard at times. Kane played up a knee injury, and Batista spent most of the time trying to gain one step ahead. It finally came when Kane missed a top rope move, and Batista hit the spear. Kane wasn’t going to just go down without a fight, and he was still in this. The match started getting good with lots of cool near falls, and neither man getting the upper hand. Batista out smarted Kane in this match by getting Kane counted out. Not a terrible match, but I would like to see someone get pinned. The wwe has been doing a lot of countouts, and disqualifications lately, not sure why, but it works to get the right foot forward, I guess.

John Morrison defeated Escobar

Escobar didn’t even put up much of a fight against the stellar champion, John Morrison. Morrison took out Escobar without barely busting a sweat. Morrison needs more competition, and it’s not guys like Escobar.

Post match Vickie yelled at Escobar and said she was done with him.

The WWE couldn’t resist giving the American fans a rematch of their over seas main event, and here we saw it again, Jericho and The Undertaker fighting again.

Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification

Jericho had to with stand The Undertaker’s initial onslaught, before the commercial, to get through the match and it was insane. Undertaker seemed to want to put this match away within minutes of the bell ringing, and he had a good overall control. Batista was at ringside, supposed to be doing commentary, and at one point got punked out by Undertaker. However, Jericho jumped ahead and started fighting Jericho with the distraction caused by Batista. Jericho looked like a man possessed, trying his hardest to fight off the dead man at every turn, and it looked good. Jericho almost seemed like he could top the champion. However, Undertaker started turning things around again but was interrupted by Batista, getting Jericho disqualified. Jericho took a cheap shot and hit the Codebreaker, and Batista came in with a chair and started to mop up taker overall.

Post match, Batista kept hitting Taker with a chair. And the commentary was stupid, they kept saying, “I’ve never seen the undertaker dismantled like this”. Really? Man, the announcers have such short memories.
Smackdown wasn’t half bad, I liked it for the most part. It had it’s moments.

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