Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ecw on ScyFy 11/17/09 Results and Review Punk Returns to ECW

Ecw on ScyFy 11/17/09 Results

Hurricane defeated Paul Burchill
Vance Archer defeated Johnny Andrews
CM Punk & William Regal defeated R Truth & Christian

Ecw on ScyFy 11/17/09 Review

Alright, we are back in black of sorts, CM Punk shows up to his old show and promises a good time. This is ECW from Philadelphia!

Zack Ryder in ring talks about Rosa and then out came Shelton Benjamin. Nothing too extreme happened, unless you count Shelton Benjamin on the mic…now that’s extreme. Nothing happened other than a match will probably take place between them, yet again, at a later time.

Hurricane defeated Paul Burchill

Hurricane cme to wrestle, and it showed, he was all over Burchill, throwing out all his offense early on and proving that he’s still as high flying as he was in previous yeas. Just “different” now, and fat, right? That being said, this match had a lot of back and forth action, with Burchill getting some great moves in, but it was Hurrricane that impressed with a huge top rope neck breaker to win this thing and now guess what? Paul Burchill’s career is over! Fire that fool..this was mask vs career.

Vance Archer defeated Johnny Andrews

Vance Archer beat up another jobber, this match wasn’t worth much, unless you like squash matches.

CM Punk & William Regal defeated R Truth & Christian

This match seemed to have started late in the show, but even with that, they seemed to put together a good overall match up. Christian and Truth were definitely doing their fast paced offense, while Regal and Punk were slowing things down towards the middle of the match. They isolated R Truth and focused on his knee, and it looked like the beginning of the end for him. Despite getting the hot tag, and getting into the match late, Christian wasn’t able to overcome the odds and after a huge GTS was out cold. CM Punk got the pinfall, and won this match for his team.

Overall a rushed ECW, but hey, it wasn’t terrible. No Abraham Washington.

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