Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ECW on SyFy 1/26/10 Results and Review More of the Same

Just a quick note before we begin. I have not made any money from this site. That’s not to say that it’s all about money, but in order to cover wrestling I’ve been struggling to pay my cable bill.

I still don’t have a job, and I have no major prospects. Last night I cancelled my cable internet service, and this week I’ll be closing my cable television service.

What does that mean for the future of this site?

Well, for the time being that means we will no longer have PPV reviews at all. I can’t afford them.

It means that I’ll try my best to see wrestling at my in-laws house, or the local bar that has cable. If there are lapses in reviews, I’ll make sure to post the results and that’s it.

I’m sorry if that means you’ll have less wrestling to read about, but I am seriously broke and can’t afford the cost of cable, satellite, or internet. If things change, you will hear it from me here first, until my next review, which I hope will be Smackdown, here is the Ecw review for last night.

ECW on SyFy 1/26/10 Results

William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Kane & Christian
Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu and The Hurricane defeated Croft, Barreta, and Zack Ryder

ECW on SyFy 1/26/10 Review

The show opened up with Ezekiel and Regal, and they were joined by Christian, and of course it was time to have a heart to heart again. This was boring to me, I’m sick of hearing these guys flap their gums for no apparent reason.

Christian said that he had backup this week, and it was none other than Kane!

William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Kane & Christian

Christian started the match hot, he had Regal’s number with ease. That forced Regal to tag in, and that forced Christian to tag in Kane. Kane was over with the live crowd, a rarity to hear ecw fans loudly. Kane didn’t look like a dominant monster, he was isolated by Regal and Jackson, and just looked like any other big man. Kane, like many fans before have stated, has really been misused and really doesn’t seem to be the dominant monster he used to be. Kane and Christian started to work together in this match, and things started to look good. For once I cared about an ECW match, on a purely entertainment reason. Towards the end of the match, Kane made a miraculous turn into a monster and was killing Regal. Regal was a shell of his former self at this point and while Jackson helped, he couldn’t stop Kane completely. Ezekiel got a blind tag and pinned Christian! Now he looks like he can truly beat the champion at Royal Rumble.

Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu and The Hurricane defeated Croft, Barreta, and Zack Ryder

I’m not interested in the heel team at all. This match had me bored, and the camera constantly going to that skanky looking woman, was lame. This match was long too, and it had some decent wrestling, but I really don’t care about these guys, so I gave up and just pretended I was watching something else.

Final Thoughts

This night had two matches, and not a whole lot more. This really looked like WWE LIGHT. It reminds me of the Lucha Libre show I reviewed in Seattle, where the B-stars of CMLL wrestling nobodies, and people you didn’t care about.

Sure it’s good wrestling, but who cares?

Not me.

Till next time…I’m your pal, Sir Jorge.

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