Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sir Jorge's Pro Wrestling Mail Bag 1/21/2010

I promised you guys a new segment that featured your comments, and here it is. I have been toying with this idea for quite some time and finally got around to doing it.

I really suggest that you guys comment, even if it's to trash my writing. I could use the conversation, as I have nothing better to do. You can always email your comments if you have to.

Also, if you have a few cents donate or buy something from amazon online.

Before we get started, isn't it funny that they fired that broke ass scott hall wanna be Escobar? Hahaha!

here are your comments and my 2 cents:

Anonymous said in regards to my post for ECW 1/5/10:

I am reading this blog from Serbia.Good rewievs.
Sory for may bad english,I am bad in writing the words,but understend all perfect.

Just to you to now that somebody read this blog outside USA :)

Hello SERBIA! I'm glad that you're enjoying my comments on wrestling and such, makes sure you keep reading, and writing. Thanks for your comment.

Shane said in regards to my post for ECW 1/5/10:

It's killing me what the WWE is doing with Mark Henry, and especially Kane. They've become the equivalent of professionally paid jobbers. I remember Kane's debut. Soon after it, he got both the Hardys in a double chokeslam and ko'd them both. Now...a loss to Ziggler (even worse, a clean loss). As for Mark Henry, basically the same principle. The company is very stupid with their talent sometimes.

Shane, you're absolutely right. I remember the Big Red Machine was a dominant force. I recall feuds with Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin where he was in there gaining a foothold in the mainstream wrestling. He even had good feuds with "fake kane"...ok so it wasn't that great, but it's funny to see WWE drop the ball on him. Could it be that Kane is just not that into his role anymore? Maybe it's not all wwe. I'm not sure.

As for Mark Henry, I've never been a fan. I've absolutely never been a huge fan of Mark Henry, but he did start to get a decent push and some crowd reaction. Now? He's stuck in midcard hell again. At least he's not impregnating Mae Young or anything.

Shane also said in regards to my wwe monday night raw review from 1/4/10:

I was impressed with this episode of RAW. Jericho was great and I'm gonna miss him. Guess I'll have to start watching Smackdown more. The tag match was great. I enjoyed the conversations between Michaels/Vince and Bret. RAW beat TNA fair and square tonight and I don't see TNA becoming "number one" anytime soon.

You're right. The tag match at the 1 hour main event mark was some of the best tag team wrestling I've seen out of WWE on Raw in a long time. He'll pop up, I'm sure, if wwe can make money with Jericho they'll put him back on Raw, and through his comedic efforts he'll get back in. Remember, though, this is not new Jericho. WCW Jericho did the same thing with the Cruiserweight title and finding loopholes to hold onto it, even after losing to Rey Mysterio and others. So it's just vintage Jericho, and that's fine by me. He'll be back, that's my two cents.

TNA was terrible by comparison. Hart and McMahon finally getting something going is long overdue. I liked it. I was definitely excited for this Raw and they somewhat delivered.

shane also said in regards to TNA 1/4/10:

I watched RAW instead. All I saw was the Steel cage and hardy's return. sounds like i didnt miss much though.

Hardy's return was one of the worst returns in wrestling history. That cage match was one of the worst cage matches in history too. Overall TNA talked change, but they didn't change much. On a sidenote, I might be the only fan left of the Nasty Boys.

Thanks for the comments.

dag8ownar said in regards to my WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 review:

This show bored me, but it didn't suck that much it had its moments. Taker promos are getting stale, i think he should turn heel again. There were a lot of squash matches, and that's what i really hate about Raw. The divas actually did a better job this time.

And i'm sorry about you being unemployed. I really want to help but got fired from my job too. I watched Raw on a stream.

Cheers from Chile.

HELLLLO CHILE! Or should I say Hola! Do they call people from Chile chilango's? I know Mexican's are sometimes called that (I would know), but none the less, thank you for reading and commenting!

The show was boring, you're right. Taker is definitely not as good as "heel" taker. He need to be more demonic, in my view. Remember when he kidnapped Stephanie? He also crucified Steve Austin! He was more dominant with a stable, now he's just not that great.

The divas did indeed improve, but their finish was boring.

As for me and my job, I guess I might end up working at McDonalds...which is tough for me to admit. I'm a college graduate with a lot of experience as a manager. Oh well.

Finally, want to see a great comeback? Unlike Hardy's comeback?

At ECW's Guilty as Charged ppv they had a surprise return and it was Pscyho Sid, he came down to the ring and just chokeslammed Kronus to is the video:

Keep the comments coming, I could sure use the opinions, and I'll comment back via these mail bag posts. Thanks again to all that commented in the past week or so, your thoughts are important to the future of this site.

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