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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Results and Review Big Rey Mysterio

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Results

Finlay defeated Batista by dq
John Morrison & R Truth defeated Drew McIntyre & Chris Jericho
Matt Hardy & The Great Khali defeated The Hart Dynasty
Cryme Tyme vs Mike Knox & Charlie Haas no contest

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Review

Batista came out, and he is looking jacked. I don’t think he’s been this jacked in a long time. He’s obviously on the juice, there’s just no way he can’t be. I could be wrong, but he’s completely jacked, and looking huge.

Finlay defeated Batista by dq

Finlay loos like a grown up “Bobby Hill” from King of the Hill, at least on my tv. I have no high-def, in case you were wondering. My tv is so old, it’s got a wooden frame around it. Yeah, I’m broke and poor…sorry.

Finlay started this match fast, he was taking it to Batista, and Batista was definitely off his game early in the match, which was odd for me. This match was very short lived because once Finlay and Batista got outside it was thrown out by the referee. Finlay was dismantled on the outside with Batista throwing Finlay into the steps, the pole, and the announce table. He was just in street fight mode, which was hilarious to me. A wasted match, if you ask me.

Batista continued to beat up Finlay, and got on the mic and said he was going to win the Rumble. I highly doubt it, Batista winning? Na.

Punk and Luke came out to do another promo and it was great. He just keeps getting better on the mic, despite the similar promo’s he’s cutting on a daily basis. Cm Punk was interrupted by a woman fan, which was interesting to say the least. It might have been a plant, I don’t know. Either way, Punk once again saves another fan? They should use these segments to build Punk’s stable. Just like WCW did in the late 90’s with RAVEN! Raven started gaining a flock by beating his opponents and then recruiting them into the flock, or have we already forgotten?

These segments take a lot longer than I thought, and it’s just overkill, if you think about it. Punk shaves this girl’s head, and it’s weird. Punk is getting very creepy and that’s good, but these segments are taking a lot of valuable wrestling time, if you ask me.

John Morrison & R Truth defeated Drew McIntyre & Chris Jericho

This was originally a handicap match set to punish Morrison, but Teddy Long turned it into a tag match. I would’ve preferred the handicap match, that would’ve been interesting, but hey, Truth isn’t half bad sometimes, so I guess we’ll get a tag team match up afterall.

This match wasn’t half bad, it had some good overall action. Morrison was isolated for a good part of the match, and there were some good moments with him coming back with some quick tags by Jericho and McIntyre. R Truth got the hot tag and cleaned house, but Morrison came in and helped out, winning the match overall. This match wasn’t half bad, and I liked it, for what it was.

Layla and McCool threw a piggy james arty of sorts. Maria came out to defend her, and then Mickie James came out to cut a promo as well. This whole thing is boring to me, I’m sorry it’s just stupid overall. I don’t really care about these divas, and their petty promo’s and discussions. These things bore me.

Cryme Tyme vs Mike Knox & Charlie Haas no contest

This match was thrown together late, I’m sure. It never really started as Kane came down and threw everyone over the top rope.

How is Charlie Haas still employed? This was dumb, I guess we’re not getting any wrestling tonight are we?

Matt Hardy & The Great Khali defeated The Hart Dynasty

This match wasn’t much to look at. The match was going fine, starting up nicely but quickly dissolved. Natalya distracted Khali on the outside, but that didn’t help, because Hardy got the win with a roll up. This was so fast, that it was like not having a match at all. The Hart Dynasty have yet to impress me, and that’s a sad notion considering their heritage in wrestling.

Mysterio called out Undertaker, and was attacked afterwords by Batista.

Final Thoughts

For a show that everyone says is better than Raw, this one sure was light on the wrestling and heavy on the talking. So much so that I could just see the Southpark parody about how these shows have little to no actual action. Sadly, this show bored me…except for a few key moments, but it just didn’t seem like the better show, that’s for sure.


  1. This was definitely not a good Smackdown. Honestly, I do beleive that, on average, it is better than Raw but that's probably just because they have more of my favorite characters. Well, as I've said before I am a big Kane fan even though I know he won't win the Rumble (unless my wishes of another Wrestlemania match between Kane and Taker come true [I always mark out huge for those, except 23. Their match at Wrestlemania 23 sucked.]) So even though I know he won't win I am looking for a big Kane push at the Rumble.

    Personally, I think the final four of the Rumble will be Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, and John Cena. My prediction, Triple H wins.

    Back onto the subject of the show, this one sucked. Jericho is a good and entertaining speaker as a heel, but I always liked his 'Lionheart' gimmick better. As for Kahli, I don't know if they're going back to his whole Punjabi Playboy thing but I'm really not a fan. I only liked him in one match (a triple threat with kane and batista, at the Bash i think). Taker is better as a heel. And personally, I think all the people Punk are saving are plants. Well, maybe not all but definitely the woman. There was just alot wrong with this show and not many good things. Looking forward to DX's breakup on Raw. Michaels and Triple H are better as single wrestlers.

  2. This one was a sucky filler episode of Smackdown. Nothing really happened and the matches were just plain stupid. But the first tag team match was pretty good.

    I hope they give John Morrison another push. He only needs to work a little on his mic skills, because in the ring he's untouchable.

    Well, back on the show ... that final segment was just weak and stupid. Taker doesn't look that badass nor evil anymore like back in time. He needs to turn heel once more! I think he's been looking like an idiot on his more recent promos, but maybe it's just me. And will we get Shawn vs Taker againat WM? I hope we won't. And yes, i think Batista is on the juice and he's been since ... always? Well, he still sucks.



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