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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 Results and Review The Comeback

First and foremost, I’m back. I didn’t get to review all the wrestling that happened the last week, because my dvr decided it wasn’t going to work while I wasn’t home. That’s ok. I will be doing new things this year for the site.

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And now, for the latest Monday Night Raw review…oh and yes your comments will be posted this week, alongside my comments, stay tuned.

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 Results

Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne
Mark Henry defeated Jack Swagger in a over the top rope swagger challenge
John Cena & Kofi Kingston defeated Legacy
Gail Kim & Eve Torres defeated Maryse & Alicia Fox
Randy Orton defeated Chris Masters
Dx w/ Hornswoggle defeated The Miz, John Heder, and The Big Show

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/10 Review

Vince McMahon came out and started to talk about Bret Hart and how he hates the fans. He was cutting a major heel promo, and it was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. At times, I felt like he wasn’t even trying, he was just going from the heart. Say what you want about Vinnie Mac, but he seems to have a charisma that can sway the crowd into hating him fast. I like that, and it’s rare to see someone over in the WWE with just one promo…well…a long history of getting beat down after promos.

The Undertaker came out to interrupt things. Undertaker cut one of his classic promo’s, you know the ones where he talks about how he can see the fear in someone’s eyes. He cut a promo about how Hart was screwed over twice by McMahon.

He then moved onto address Shawn Michaels, as McMahon left the arena. Shawn Michaels came out to get an answer about wrestlemania. Undertaker says no, Shawn looks mad…oh well.

I don’t know if they will have another match, but I didn’t really think their last match was as good as I remembered it. In fact, I might go as far as saying that it is over rated.

Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne

How is Evan Bourne getting so many shots at the champion? Triple H wasn’t wrestling Scotty Too Hotty every other week! What the heck? I hate this type of booking…and I already know what is going to happen in this match. What a terrible way to come back to wrestling for me. Sheamus got a few shots in, but there was no chance in hell that he would win, there’s just no way. So he gets killed, and Sheamus wins again.

Orton was out at ring side for this match, and I’m not sure what’s going on with the booking. Sheamus and Orton met in the middle of the ring, and now Orton’s a face? What the heck? I like Heel vs Heel matchups but this seems a tad bit off to me.

Backstage Don Johnson and Dx got into some hilarious banter. Including, “Who is John Heder?” which was interesting none the less.

Carlito was dressed as Napoleon Dynamite, which was a bit of a chuckle, but the guest hosts tonight suck.

Santino got called out by Jack Swagger and Santino came out dressed as Don Johnson’s famous character from Miami Vice. Santino didn’t want to fight, so he found a replacement, Mark Henry.

Mark Henry defeated Jack Swagger in a over the top rope swagger challenge

Jack Swagger got thrown out fast in this match. It wasn’t even a match, it was a boring one, and fast. Swagger gets thrown out fast, which is hilarious.

Don Johnson and John Heder came out with the bella twins, and the two started in ring. I didn’t really like their banter as it wasn’t funny to me. The Miz came out as a friend of John Heder’s and that prompted Miz to get on the mic. MVP then came out only to get knocked out by The Big Show. The Big Show was then announced as a friend of heder’s too. This segment was so forced, it was ridiculous; I almost turned off Raw because of this.

John Cena & Kofi Kingston defeated Legacy

Dibiase has the charisma of a wet blanket. Cena got the best of him early on, and the match started with a fast paced tag team feel, despite Kofi and Cena not being the traditional tag team. Kofi Kingston has such a high winded offense, it’s surprising that the WWE hasn’t asked him to slow down. He just moves from spot to spot, and it seems like no one complains. Overall, I was surprised that Legacy actually had some offense that wasn’t just stomping and kicking. Cody Rhodes even looked a little better than usual, but wasn’t a major factor in regards to the overall match. Dibiase seemed to be the weak link in this match with Rhodes saving his partner from many moments of nearly losing. I definitely felt that they were going somewhere with this, and despite my previous comment about Rhodes not being a major factor, this thing was definitely better than most matches I’ve seen so far on the card. (that’s not saying much, there wasn’t exactly a lot of wrestling on this show up to this point) This match seemed to be going in the favor of Legacy and instead the good guys get a win over the failing legacy duo.

Post match, Rhodes seemed like he was going to attack Dibiase, but it didn’t go down. It’s going to happen soon, the separation of yet another tag team.

Once again, the backstage segments suck the life out of me. Hornswoggle challenged Heder to a match. Heder was added to the main event, which was interesting to say the least, and makes the match nothing special to me.

Gail Kim & Eve Torres defeated Maryse & Alicia Fox

Gail Kim was a great asset to TNA when she was back there. In the WWE she hasn’t done a whole lot, and that’s a shame. It’s interesting to note that she has some major skills, and it showed with a great dropkick off the top rope. Overall though, this match wasn’t much of a match, even though Maryse’s back breaker looked like it broke Kim’s back. The crowd was near dead as the divas tried to make this into a watchable affair. I’ll admit, this wasn’t the worst divas match I’ve seen, but it definitely wasn’t the best either. They have a long way to go before they can match the TNA Knockouts best matches. However, this one did have some above average wrestling for the divas, and maybe that will continue in the near future.

Randy Orton defeated Chris Masters

I’m not sure why Orton chased away Kennedy, because Masters hit Orton with a few moves that definitely were botched, but that’s all ok. Orton looked to be on the road to winning another match, but when the rko got countered by the Master Lock, I was cheering for a change. As Orton was fading, I was definitely cheering huge! But he got to the ropes, and I knew this one was going to go Orton’s way. Orton hit an RKO and this was over…oh well, at least it had me going for a moment.

Post match, Sheamus jumped in and attacked Orton, laying him out. I’ve never seen a kick be so devastating. Wow…one kick? Whatever.

Dx w/ Hornswoggle defeated The Miz, John Heder, and The Big Show

This match was nothing more than entertainment, which is fine. The match really didn’t have much wrestling, it had a few moments, with Big Show showcasing his strength and The Miz getting a few shots in. However, the best part came as the match broke down towards the end, with Heder getting inside the ring and getting worked! Overall, not half bad, I didn’t think it was a complete waste, but Dx goes over yet again.

Post match, Triple H threw out HBK, Cena, and Big Show and it looks like Dx is on the way out yet again too.

Final Thoughts:

Overall not the worst show. It had a few moments of goodness. It had a decent first hour main event. The charge towards Royal Rumble is in full effect, and overall I didn’t hate the show. I did think that there were some obvious boring moments, and overall this lacked overall wrestling.

The final moments of the night had Cena saying he was going to win the Rumble, HBK and HHH looking split in regards to winning the Rumble, and of course Big Show as well. I am not sure who’s going to win the Rumble, but I’m not as excited for this years rumble as I was in the past. I can’t afford it.

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What did you guys think of Raw? Let me know.

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  1. This show bored me, but it didn't suck that much it had its moments. Taker promos are getting stale, i think he should turn heel again. There were a lot of squash matches, and that's what i really hate about Raw. The divas actually did a better job this time.

    And i'm sorry about you being unemployed. I really want to help but got fired from my job too. I watched Raw on a stream.

    Cheers from Chile.



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