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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/09 Results and Review Week Before Rumble

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/10 Results

DX defeated Legacy
The Big Show defeated MVP
Maryse defeated EVE
Cena vs. Sheamus (no contest)
Gail Kim defeated Alicia Fox

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/10 Review

They announced the guest hosts, and I already forgot who it was.

The show opened up with Degeneration X coming out for a match.

Shawn Michaels come out and talks a lot about he wants to win the Rumble, and asks Triple H to step down to win the Rumble. HHH wouldn’t bend at all, and it seemed like the two were headed to split up.

DX defeated Legacy

So far this match up wasn’t half bad. The match overall was going well, good fast paced action, back and forth tags. Legacy isolated HBK for a while, and it was interesting to watch as usual. However, things got really interesting when HBK and HHH started having problems in ring, and it looked like Legacy was going to get the cheap win. However, DX saddled up and managed to pull off another win against the faltering Legacy team.

The Dx guys are teasing a break up, with this Royal Rumble thing. It’ll be interesting to see them drop the titles on Friday and then break up and go on their separate ways. I for one am tired of Dx.

The Big Show defeated MVP

Before this match started The Miz and MVP verbally sparred and had a few moments before Miz announced that MVP will face The Big Show. The Big Show then proceeded to defeat MVP with such ease, that it’s surprising that he would ever get a title shot, considering he’s been on the way down for a long time now. Needless to say, this match was a non match, as it was over faster than it started. It was a jobber match to say the least.

The guest host is irrelevant to me, I don’t really care about these two guys.

Maryse defeated EVE

There were some half way decent points in this match, but it seemed forced at times. Maryse nearly killing Eve with the French Kiss is interesting to me. I liked the finishing move, but overall this match was short, the crowd wasn’t in it, and it just wasn’t that good. The divas are slowly, very slowly improving.

McMahon came out and said that Bret Hart would never be back in the WWE. He then went to the crowd and asked and belittled different people. The crowd rallied and gave a huge We Want Bret chant, but it wasn’t really changing things. McMahon then decided to simply leave with the crowd booing. But out came John Cena, for no apparent reason.

Cena cut a promo and basically said that if McMahon didn’t bring back Bret Hart, he would beat up Vince McMahon next week. McMahon said that he would invite Bret Hart back next week. John Cena was then thrown into a match with Sheamus, which is supposed to be punishment? Whatever.

Gail Kim defeated Alicia Fox

Gail Kim was hitting some impressive moments in this match and Alicia Fox wasn’t taking them all that well. She’s not that great of a wrestler and Gail Kim was having a hard time carrying this match alone, at least from my perspective. After a few terrible counters, gail Kim won this match and moves forward to facing Maryse in the divas tournament.

Cena vs. Sheamus (no contest)

Cena and Sheamus battled in a match, which seemed off, since there’s nothing to build towards now that they are giving away a potential main event. Whatever the case is, Sheamus was in control of this match for a good portion of it. Cena was getting dismantled, which is usually how Cena matches go anyways, but Sheamus wasn’t looking tired or faced as it progressed. Cena was out cold at ringside, after a kick by Sheamus and the count was on. As Sheamus was alone out ran Randy Orton and knocked out Sheamus, the bell rang, and this was another thrown out match? Does Sheamus win cause Orton? I don’t know, no one said anything.

Post match it looked like Orton had his eyes set on Cena, but Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment and that was the end of that.

Final Thoughts:

My internet kept going in and out during the writing of this review, so I was definitely more focused on that. I hate how I’m struggling to pay $40 for internet and it’s not even reliable.

This raw was ok, a lot of things happened, nothing stands out as excellent. The opening match was interesting, Kofi getting over on Miz also had a good amount of damage. Other than that though, this night of Raw is somewhat forgettable.

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