Thursday, January 28, 2010

From The Mailbag 1/28/10 Edition

Another seven or so days has gone by and here are the latest comments and notes from the world of wrestling:

Ken has left a comment on the post "TNA Impact 1/21/10 Results and Review No Change in...":

This show as atrociously bad as Hogan's idea of "change" is apparently rehashing shit from 1996 and 1997. Moreover, after TNA just asked the audience not to chant bullshit before the show, what does Kurt Angle do? Say "this is bullshit!" at the end of the show.

He's right, it WAS bullshit. It sucked.

Yes, it was completely terrible. I am not sure where they are going or how much actual planning they did, but it came across as amateur at best. I agree. Let's hope tonight's show is good.

Shane has left a comment on your post "WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/22/10 Results and Rev...":

This was definitely not a good Smackdown. Honestly, I do beleive that, on average, it is better than Raw but that's probably just because they have more of my favorite characters. Well, as I've said before I am a big Kane fan even though I know he won't win the Rumble (unless my wishes of another Wrestlemania match between Kane and Taker come true [I always mark out huge for those, except 23. Their match at Wrestlemania 23 sucked.]) So even though I know he won't win I am looking for a big Kane push at the Rumble.

Personally, I think the final four of the Rumble will be Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, and John Cena. My prediction, Triple H wins.

Back onto the subject of the show, this one sucked. Jericho is a good and entertaining speaker as a heel, but I always liked his 'Lionheart' gimmick better. As for Kahli, I don't know if they're going back to his whole Punjabi Playboy thing but I'm really not a fan. I only liked him in one match (a triple threat with kane and batista, at the Bash i think). Taker is better as a heel. And personally, I think all the people Punk are saving are plants. Well, maybe not all but definitely the woman. There was just alot wrong with this show and not many good things. Looking forward to DX's breakup on Raw. Michaels and Triple H are better as single wrestlers.

On point, you're exactly right. Maybe we'll see some more thought in the show this week. Rumors are flying about all sorts of things, and that's good for interest. However, it didn't excuse a terrible show.

dag8ownar said said in regards to last week's Smackdown post:

This one was a sucky filler episode of Smackdown. Nothing really happened and the matches were just plain stupid. But the first tag team match was pretty good.

I hope they give John Morrison another push. He only needs to work a little on his mic skills, because in the ring he's untouchable.

Well, back on the show ... that final segment was just weak and stupid. Taker doesn't look that badass nor evil anymore like back in time. He needs to turn heel once more! I think he's been looking like an idiot on his more recent promos, but maybe it's just me. And will we get Shawn vs Taker againat WM? I hope we won't. And yes, i think Batista is on the juice and he's been since ... always? Well, he still sucks.

Yeah, the show sucked. I'm sure Morrison will come back at it again. Shawn and Taker would be terrible, let's hope it doesn't happen. Oh yeah, Batista is on the juice bad, let's hope he doesn't tear anything anytime soon.

Well that's it for the comments. I had to rush em this week because I'm trying to come up with the cable bill.

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