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ECW on ScyFy 1/19/10 Results and Review The Late Great Ecw

ECW on ScyFy 1/19/10 Results

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft defeated Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu
Christian defeated William Regal by disqualification

ECW on ScyFy 1/19/10 Review

The show opened up with The Abraham Washington show, and to me, it’s getting tiring, I don’t know about you guys. Santino was the guest host on the show, and it wasn’t half bad. But it just proves that the Abraham Washington show is dead and the Santino show will continue! Vladimir Koslov was the guest host and it was interesting in a way, but I don’t watch wrestling shows for comedy, at least I didn’t used to…oh well.

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft defeated Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu

You know things are bad when I can’t even remember the name of the tag team the wwe is trying to promote. These two new glorified jobbers suck. They need a new name, cause I can’t remember two full names of idiots I care nothing about.

This match was definitely a throwback to the olden days of tag team wrestling. Quick tags, and isolation of the opponent by Croft and Barreta and working as a real cohesive team, this match managed to capture some attention, although the pacing was definitely to blame for somewhat lackluster moments too. The finish was rushed, but it made sense, the seasoned tag team won, with a quick reversal of a roll up and of course, they still remain nobodies in my book. It’s nice to see Goldust getting some work in, but if ECW folds, this thing might tank sooner than later.

Zack Ryder and The Hurricane will probably feud in the near future, just so you know.

Christian defeated William Regal by disqualification

Christian and Regal went out and put on a match that wasn’t too bad. Regal’s mat and technical style was definitely not working at points, but it’s understood in his bag of wrestling tricks. Christian got the crowd going and pulled this match into his favor with a baseball slide midway through the match up. This match definitely was ramping up to be good, but Ezekiel Jackson helped Regal get disqualified, and that was the end of that.

Final Thoughts:

ECW hasn’t been good in a long time. This feud with Regal puts Christian in some good light, and in some decent matches, however does anyone even care about him or the rest of the ECW guys? I personally don’t care, and I’m sure there’s a lot of people that agree.

Plus, rumors have it that ECW is going the way of the buffalo, we’ll see what happens. I thought this show was boring. The end match had me going for a few moments, but the dq finish really bothered me. We never seem to get good endings on regular tv…even though I’m paying cable for it. Free? No, it’s not free…and I’m broke.

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