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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/29/10 Results and Review The Bait and Switch

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/29/10 Results

Triple H defeated Cm Punk via disqualification
R Truth defeated Chris Jericho
Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison in a no holds barred match
Michelle McCool defeated Fat Mickie James
Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels (no contest)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/29/10 Review

The show immediately opened up with the Degeneration X music to quite the ovation, despite the team being somewhat watered down by comparison of their former unions.

Dx was in ring and was interrupted by Rey Mysterio and he talked to Shawn about how he’s disrespected. Then the straightedge society came out, and the crews exchanged words. Triple H buried Punk and his crew fast, and I’m not sure if I liked how Triple H verbally buried Punk.

Theodore Long came out and changed up the tag team match up, and made Punk vs Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio. This is what is called the “bait and switch” folks.

Triple H defeated Cm Punk via disqualification

Overall this match surprised me up front. Triple H was getting beat early on by a faster, younger opponent, and he seemed frustrated going into the commercial break. Punk used his speed to really try to get Triple H off his game, and he managed to get a lot of shots in on the former champion. At one point even looking like he had this match easily won. However, after a few mistakes by Punk, Triple H had this thing in the bag almost and was taking care of business. The match got serious, and Triple H was on his path to victory but Sarena distracted the ref, Gallows got involved and then all three members of the Straightedge Society attacked Triple H and had his number.

Post match, The Straightedge Society was set to shave Triple H’s head, but they couldn’t succeed as Shawn Michaels came out for the save.

I’m not sure I like the Straightedge Society, as a whole. I just have memories of Right to Censor, and just am wary that WWE will trash the stable as soon as they can, with Triple H going over yet again.

R Truth defeated Chris Jericho

Truth and Jericho apparently had words on Superstars, but I didn’t see it. This match was interesting to say the least, Jericho was definitely up to his game and really pushing forward in this match. He seemed to have that old school control that is apparent in veteran match ups. However, Truth was there to lighten things up in the other end, posing some great moves left and right, causing Jericho to shift off his slower methodical game, and making this match very interesting. Truth has some great timing and Jericho’s ring awareness makes him that much more fun to watch. Truth’s counter to the Codebreaker was great. He simply held onto the ropes, caused Jericho to fall on the back of his head, getting himself rolled up and losing this match up.

I liked that match, and the finish was so good. Frustrating Jericho into being the strong mic’d heel is great.

Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison in a no holds barred match

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good falls count anywhere style match up. This match up was no holds barred, and no count out, not necessarily falls count anywhere. This match was more like a street fight, and the two really put together some good spots. Whether it was McIntyre getting hip tossed into the steel steps, or McIntyre hitting for the fences with the kendo stick, this match was more along the lines of an endurance competition than a wrestling match. Morrison’s back nearly broke when he hit starship pain on McIntyre’s knees! The Future Shock on the Intercontinental Title was a great finish and McIntyre has once again put away John Morrison. The finish was great, McIntyre gets my vote for deserving the Intercontinental title, that was a classic finish.

Michelle McCool and Layla really made things somewhat funny with another skit. Michelle McCool issued a challenge to any diva in the back for a match against her, and then Mickie James’s music hit and the crowd went nuts…only to have Layla come out dressed as Mickie James in a fat suit! This was kind of funny at first, but got boring fast with Layla chasing McCool, who was holding a donut in her hands.

It led to a throwaway match with fat Mickie James.

Michelle McCool defeated Fat Mickie James

Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels (no contest)

This was a ppv caliber match up. It didn’t start that way, it was a little slow to start, but it picked up and boy did it pick up. Mysterio was getting the upper hand with his speed and agility early on, and he was definitely not just laying down for Micheals, in anticipation for his match at the royal rumble. Michaels turned the tables and it seemed that he was going to get the easy win, but the tables turned fast and out of nowhere Mysterio hit the 619 on Michaels in the best 619 I’ve ever seen in my life. Mysterio then went up for the west coast pop but out of nowhere, I kid you not, Sweet Chin Music in mid air to Mysterio! This was insane, if you missed it you missed it, this thing was picture perfect, timed well, and just the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Batista ran in and interrupted things and the match was thrown out. Post match Triple H came down to spar with Batista, and out of the blue came The Undertaker to double chokeslam Shawn and Rey Mysterio.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, a solid show up and down. The opening and closing matches were quite good, despite their finishes. The in ring talent was up to snuff for sure. This was a greater show than the one a few weeks back, and it really was fun to watch.

The intercontinental title is once again a title to watch. Morrison and McIntyre really took themselves to a good spot and the finish was an old school classic, I liked it.

I am NOT getting the rumble, nor do I know where to see it. But my pick to win the Rumble is none other than Chris Jericho!


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