Friday, January 22, 2010

TNA Impact 1/21/10 Results and Review No Change in Sight

TNA has been preaching change for a few weeks now, and it’s interesting to see how things are going, the recap of Genesis looked actually good, I don’t know what the podcasts were talking about. Maybe It’s just cause I didn’t see the whole thing and the recap was really condense, or maybe TNA is actually moving forward for a change. We’ll see….

Tna Impact 1/21/10 Results

Hernandez & Matt Morgan defeated The British Invasion
Orlando Jordan defeated The Pope D’Angelo Dinero
Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne
The Nasty Boys defeated Erik Young & Kevin Nash
Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle

Tna Impact 1/21/10 Review

Ric Flair and Aj Styles arrive backstage in a limo with lots of women. I don’t mind them changing Styles a bit, but he just seems out of place, regardless.

They changed but yet they still have that lame “rapcore” music? Lame.

Ric Flair came down the ramp with two of the ugliest girls I’ve seen in professional wrestling in a long time. Flair cuts a classic “I Hate Hulk Hogan” promo, which was recycled from 1994. He wants to wrestle Hogan yet again. He claims Aj Styles is going to be the next Ric Flair? Lame. Aj Styles came out and sucked the life out of the room, he’s just not that over with me. Styles just has the charisma of a wet noodle, no matter who his manager is. He shouldn’t talk, let Flair talk for him.

Hogan and Angle interrupted, and I kept wondering where the change was. This seems like WWF 1999 recycled. 20 minute opening promos and what not. Hogan announces that Angle will get another shot at the TNA title! This time Ric Flair can’t interfere. The match is going to be tonight!

Hernandez & Matt Morgan defeated The British Invasion

Not a bad match, a lot of good back and forth action from both sides of the coin. I thought the British Invasion was going to win, since they are more of a traditional tag team, but they tried to cheat and it back fired, creating a rift between the team. I think Matt Morgan is definitely better than I pegged him a few months back, and it’s interesting to see him get some gold. The British Invasion looked to be on the verge of splitting up, but post match we couldn’t really get anything out in the open.

The reason for that was that Mick Foley jumped in and leveled the British Invasion with a chair, and wanted an appointment with Eric Bischoff.

Orlando Jordan defeated The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Not a terrible match, The Pope looked strong early on, and if it weren’t for his pesky knee injury from the ppv, he might have put away Jordan. Orlando Jordan didn’t do anything crazy to impress me, but he was smart enough to go for the injured leg, so maybe this is just the beginning of better things for Orlando Jordan in TNA. I liked the match for what it was, and look forward to seeing both these guys in TNA in the near future.

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne

This was a quick match, with no major wrestling that I can speak of. I don’t like the fact that Angelina Love still looks like a member of the Beautiful People, but I can get behind her attacking her former friends. The numbers game catching up with Angelina was great too, and this is not half bad.

Hogan and Bischoff constantly in ring talking about change and what not is getting really tired. They once again get in there and start airing dirty laundry and talking crap, it’s boring to me. I don’t need that, I need better wrestling; Scott Hall and Waltman basically got fired during the promo, with Hogan getting both ejected from the building and saying “you don’t work here”, get out! Will they rehash their “Outsiders” gimmick now though?

Mick Foley came out to talk, but security had him escorted out.

The Nasty Boys defeated Erik Young & Kevin Nash

You know, I didn’t hate this match, and I might be one of the only fans of the Nasty Boys. I think they can cut promos and they can wrestle. Just watch their feud with the Steiner Brothers in NWA and you’ll understand what I mean. Sure they aren’t as good or as young, but they put Erik Young through the ringer and pinned him clean. Sags took care of most of the work, but this math wasn’t terrible.

Mr. Anderson comes out, and he’s not as over as he was when he was in the WWE that’s for sure. He does have potential in TNA which is something that you should consider in regards to his arrival in TNA. I liked how he used brass knuckles in his win at Genesis, and I think if used right, TNA could go far with Anderson. Heck, I’d prefer Anderson instead of Styles as not only champion but also Ric Flairs protégé. Anderson’s promo was quite good overall, and Abyss showing up to surprise him and attacking was quite good too. I liked it, this is the only bright spot in TNA’s show tonight! Well that and the Nasty Boys match, I hope the continue to do more feuds like this. Anderson is gold on the mic, and it’s nice to see him in TNA.

Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle

I feel like TNA keeps feeding me the same thing over and over again. We blame WWE for repetition, but here we get it from TNA for months and months on end! Oh and no sign of Samoa Joe or many other talents on the roster. This feud is reminding me of HHH vs The Rock in 1998 where for 8 months they wrestled each other often to draws or interferences. It finally ended in a ladder match at Summerslam, and I hated that back then, too many repetitive matches with the same guys. Here we get it again, even if the match is good, I’m tired of seeing it. The match was going well and out of the blue amidst different counters, Earl Hebner tells the time keeper to ring the bell!

Oh man, TNA rehashes the Montreal screw job! Yep. I kid you not folks, TNA recycles a 12 year old angle (no pun intended) out of the blue. Angle then starts yelling, and Hogan comes out and Angle spits in Hogans face. Angle says he is going back to WWE!

This is seriously the worst thing I’ve seen in TNA in a long time.

Eric Bischoff comes walking down the ramp and his head is busted open, and he’s bloodied. He fires Mick Foley and that’s the end of the show.

Final Thoughts:

This show sucked. It had two moments I really liked, and the rest of the time it was just stupid. TNA talked big about change all month, and what they've done is just rehashed old story lines, made Hogan look like Vince McMahon circa 1997 and just making no sense.

This show sucked. Face it.


  1. This show as atrociously bad as Hogan's idea of "change" is apparently rehashing shit from 1996 and 1997. Moreover, after TNA just asked the audience not to chant bullshit before the show, what does Kurt Angle do? Say "this is bullshit!" at the end of the show.

    He's right, it WAS bullshit. It sucked.

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