Thursday, April 28, 2016

Roman Reign's Is The Laughing Stock of WWE Champions - With Video Proof

How would you refer to the World Champion in the WWE? Would you ever call the man on top a laughing stock? Well, we already know Roman Reigns is getting booed out of buildings across America, and of course in my home, he gets booed out of the living room. My wife, however, likes him, but that’s because she’s not even a casual wrestling fan, she’s more along the lines of a, dutiful wife that lets me watch wrestling, or at least tolerates it a few times a month when there is a pay per view.

Roman Reigns Is A Laughing Stock

There, I said it. Why? Well, it turns out that he was the brunt of a serious joke for wearing “daddy” jeans in a PSA. I’m never going to be that kind of dad, but hey I’m an idiot. I’ll always have my sag tight, sag right, you know, you know how us player’s role. (Sarcasm in place) Anyways, he was made fun of on the Chris Hardwick show that no one watches. But then again, I’m talking about it, aren’t I?

Roman Reigns sucks, even though I wrote about how I don’t hate the guy here.

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